Leaves Turning Purple

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by middleforker, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. Ice strain, almost 9 weeks into flower and the upper leaves have started turning purple in the last 2 days. Is this significant?

  2. Could b genetics could b temps all is good don't worry bout it =)

    Peace Gix

    Ps. Pics or it didn't happen =)
  3. I'll post some pics tomorrow. Interestingly, I have two virtually identical Ice plants, same age, same flowering characteristics until yesterday. One turning purple, the other is deep green, no purple. I'm close to harvesting, starting to see some amber trichomes. No matter what, these ladies are going to be some great smoke!
  4. Legit bro, and you got yourself two different phenos it sounds like. Keep up the good work bro.

    Peace Gix
  5. I really like this Ice strain. I bought the seeds from BuyDutchSeeds.com and got some flack initially because the company has gotten some bad press. My experience with the company has been nothing but positive. I have 5 more plants about 3 weeks old that I'm doing outdoors and really looking forward to Fall.
  6. Two pictures. Both Ice strain, bought seeds at the same time, same company, germed the same, vegged the same, fertilized the same, 9 weeks into flower. First pic is with the purple leaves, second pic is the other plant, no purple leaves 2013-06-15 08.49.25.jpg 2013-06-15 08.49.51.jpg 2013-06-15 08.49.51.jpg
  7. I don't know where that third picture came from, but it was taken recently.
  8. not sure of the genetics of your ice. but it looks to me that a couple of your plants have some purple charachteristics in 'em. and having them turn purple simly means that they are aproaching being done,ready to harvest. with purples the saying is "don't pick 'em till they are purple." looks like they are about ready!  nice looking too! keep up the good work man.

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