Leaves turning purple on only one of 4 plants?

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  1. Hey guys so this is my first grow and I started with 4 random seeds I found from master Kush. I'm using a 600 watt full LED spectrum philzon light in a cardboard box fort I built lol. I thought (or was hoping) they would be 8 week flower cycles but it's now been 9 weeks and the triches are milky but not amber, so I'm assuming now 10. I started flushing at 6 weeks unfortunately. So one of my plants has started turning all sorts of colors including purple red and yellow (because of nutes being dispensed). But on my other 3 plants the leaves remain solid green. I'm just curious as to why this happened.
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  3. I would guess there almost ready, it could be genetics or the fact your flushing and theres no nutes really left un soils.
  4. That's the best explained guide I have found other then watching shit on YouTube all day. But ya buddy does his at about 65% where another does his at 80% just depends when you think is right time. I know my 2 are same seeds from the exact bud and one is at least 3 week yet and other is maybe a week. Just depends on phenotypes and genetics.
  5. no doubt I wish I would have seen that a lot earlier, would have saved me a LOT of time watching vids too lol. I'll probably wait for at least one or two ambers to start popping up, just really confused about the purple leaves didnt know about phenos until today so I'm thinking it must be, the yellow I understand because I started flushing pretty early but you'd figure some of my other plants would have yellowed by now too
  6. The yellow is the plant feeding off itself, as it gets close to full ripe they do that because of the lack of N at that point.
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