Leaves turning lime green ?!?!

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  1. My plant is 11 days into flowering shes been healthy throughout the whole veg stage but now shes turning lime green, leaves are curling up and down, tips are burnt i havent been giving too much nitrogen neither. I feed them soil a soil b, silica blast, cal mag, molassess and food for flowering but i have been phing at 6.0-6.5, could the p.h level be an issue? The plant starting getting crazy a few days into flowering. Shes starting to bud but the fan leaves are just looking ugly.. Bottom leaves are turning yellow and falling off. What do you guys think? Should i just stop nitrogen or keep going and just up the ph to 7.0? Help!!!!
  2. plants use a lot of nitrogen during to the two weeks stretch of flowering you should always be sure the plant as enough N to get through the stretch ,,because the plant if it as not got enough N will start taking the N from the bottom leaves first then work up the plant ,,,have you been using a bloom formula that has some n in it ..if you posted a picture it would help people here to see exactly whats really going on ,,it might even be nutrient lockout ..mac,
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