Leaves turning completely yellow!

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    This is my first grow but I've run into a problem. I'm growing 4 plants and my oldest plant that is about 2 weeks ahead of the other ones are developing yellow leaves.

    Heres a little info: The plant is 6 weeks old and reaching 20 inches high with plenty of nodes. I'm using CFLs which equal up to a little over 14000 lumens, I'm also using a reflective mylar. It is growing in a closet with a fan that moves side to side. I'm using the General Hydroponics flora series and just switched to giving them 6 ml Micro, 12 ml Gro, and 3 ml Bloom per gallon. My soil is a miracle organic choice ( I know I know but it has worked very well for me).

    The problem has started at the oldest and lowest leaves. The leaves start to turn into a banana like color and quickly engulfs the whole leaf. Over a coarse of 2 days the leaf dies. Im a little worried because I hear this will lead to the eventual death of a plant any help is greatly appreciated[​IMG]
  2. Howdy! Hard to say without pics, but low light sure sounds probable if the 1400 lumens number is correct. A typical 27w CFL puts out about 1200-1600 lumens, and I put at least two of those on a plant and it's just barely enough to get it started.

    Other possibilities include nitrogen def, phosporus def, magnesium, they all yellow but in slightly different ways. Get us a pic bro! :)

    Either way best of luck man!
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    Sorry I actually meant 14000 lumens.

    Here is a PIC [​IMG]
  4. Ah! There we go! She looks over watered & possible low on nitrogen.

    What's your watering program?

    I don't use that line of nutes so I'll let someone else chime in there, but looks like it may be on the weak side.
  5. 200 ml every other day.
  6. That might be your issue right there ;) Soil should not need that frequent a watering. Lift the pot up, if it has weight to it it has water so check it the next day, if it's light then you are good to go. I usually go at least 2 or 3 days between waterings.

    Hopefully someone will give some input on the nutes...
  7. Thanks man, will do.
  8. I got this from a cannabis consulting guide.

    Tips of leaves are yellow, brown, or dead. Plant otherwise looks healthy & green. Stems may be soft causes >> Over-fertilization (especially N), over-watering, damaged roots, or
    insufficient soil aeration (use more sand or perlite. Occasionally due to not enough N, P, or K.
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    A nute deficency can sometimes look similar to overwatering. Plants move nutes around from older growth as needed turning the leaves yellow. Overwatering can do much the same by turning leaves yellow and in your case the leaves are just curling a bit suggesting over watering and not a nute problem, especially if the rest of the plant looks healthy.
    Let em dry out a bit first and see before adding more nutes and causing real problems. There really is no watering schedule with soil. Plants will use more water if they have a large root system, high temp, low humidity and good drainage. About 30% perlite added to soil helps drainage and supplies air pocket for the roots.

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