Leaves turning Brown

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Mystikal, May 19, 2002.

  1. I need some help my plant is about 3 weeks old and the leaves are turning brown what should I do. I might have over fertilized it. I took it out of the original soil and put it in some fresh top soil. it is still growing but what should I do. And where is a good place to buy seeds.
  2. I think you may have nailed the problem right in the head. I had a similar problem about two-three days ago, but simply flushed with ph balanced water. NO FERTILIZATION>fertilize, flush, fertilize, flush......and as a place for seeds.....the best I know of is through Marc Emery.
  3. Marc Emery is a greedy bitch.. goto heaven's stairway (www.hempqc.com).. you get quality strains for half to a third of Emery's prices. If your a new grower, I wouldn't suggest getting anything expensive, it might be waste. Don't get any KC Brains seeds either, they fucking SUCK.
  4. It still is turning brown I watered the plant yesterday but it seems it is still doing it what should I do
  5. If you haven't used any fertilizer then the topsoil you transplanted in is probably too rich, the room is too hot, or the pH is off.

    If you did use ferts then flush the soil out with 4-5 times what you normally water with.
  6. Could temperature play a major factor in the leaves turning brown. And also the leaves that have already turned brown will they eventually turn green again. As You can see I am a newbie. The leves that are coming in are green will they stay green. Is there anyway I could get some free seeds or a place that is reliable and is it ok to have the seeds shipped to my house address.
  7. Temp could be a factor but it's most likely overfert or the plant is getting old and drawing nutes out of the leaves. If you order seeds online don't get them sent to the address you're growing at.

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