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    Ph was at 6.2 I just lowered it to around 5.8. Ppm is around 450 it's almost 4th week from seed. It's only plant looks bad ATM, yesterday had fan fall on it broke top off so I guess this is my problem. If beef having to put ph down direct into my res not sure how bad this is.
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] I just cut all bad looking leaves off here's a pick in regular light.[​IMG][​IMG]
    Just found few bad leafs on another plant in same system. Weird like spots where the leaf thinned I can see the the spots almost.[​IMG][​IMG] to me kinda looks like problem tomato plants get around the bottom of the plant but honestly I don't have a clue doesn't look like any of problem pictures I find on google.

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  2. Calcium def is only pictures I think resemble my leaves. I have roughly 24 ml of cal-mag in system roughly 12 gallons. Bottle recommends 5ml per gal. So I added 24 ml more diluted in gallon of fresh water. So I guess I'm safe since bottle says I could use 60ml in 12 gal and have 48ml ATM anyways I'll flush tomorrow and re add all the nuts if it keeps this up.

    Should I start adding exactly 5 ml per gallon like directions say? This is so depressing trying to learn I'm I really need learn to grow been robbed so many times trying to buy for my sick wife she has till June before she we hopefully be cured of her disease.

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  3. Looks like it could be calcium deffecient. What brand of calmag do you use? Sorry to hear your wife has an illness. Good luck

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  4. [​IMG] well this mourning when wake up have new problem all new growth curling the leaves up on my soil plants also. I just don't see how could have heat problemlights at 27 just moved them to 31. I did just noticed my fan been off a few hours by mistake gezzz. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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