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    Hey guys I'm looking for a little insight into a problem I noticed starting yesterday. On 2 of my seedlings there is brown creeping in. It starts @ the very tip, then the edges. It's almost like a mudwater type of brown.
    Some info:
    Soil: Peat Moss, Perlite, EWC, Lime (base)
    Indoors under 600 MH @ 20" from canopy
    12 Days old
    No Ferts (growing organic, currently just using base mix ^ for seedlings while main mix cooks, using "easy organic mix" formula by ITG in the Organic section)
    Temps are 72-86 Avg 80 humidity around 45-65%
    18/6 light schedule
    The first seedling has it the worst. It nearly doubled over night. There are 3 other seedlings in the tent that are not affected.


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  2. Gotta few more pics I just took

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  3. thats PK def.
    Its not caused by lack of nutrients, most probably caused by excess or very fast reacting lime (too much calcium)
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    I would venture to say that your issue is ph building beyond acceptable levels. The browning is probably Mn creeping in. Lots of growers fail to get Manganese into their nute regimem. Your issue is minuscule, but resolution can only be ascertained by ph run-off measurement. You should do so, there appears to be a bit of Fe deficit also. It wouldn't hurt to get those girls transplanted to 6 inch pots into fresh soil and out of those cups.
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    Well I decided to wait on transplanting them a few days. I just ordered some Neem Seed Meal that i'm going to add to my soil mix before transplanting.  Chose priority shipping so I'd hope it be here by Friday and I expect to transplant Saturday.
    i've read a lot of good things about Neem and figured now is the time to add it.
    Still haven't quite figured out if that is a Aphid or not (the bug in the pic above) but i'm taking it as not good either way. After transplanting not sure what to do, going to monitory the situation and keep on researching.  Anyone with some insight?
    Soil Mix I'll be transplanting into
    2.5 Gallons Peat Moss
    2.5 Gallons EWC (high quality stuff from a local farm in town)
    2.5 Gallons Perlite
    1 cup lime per / cu foot
    4 cups rock dust / cu foot
    1 cup kelp meal / cu foot
    1.5 cups dry Organic ferts / cu foot
    And now the neem meal which im getting now for the bug preventative properties
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    Its been 3 days since i transplanted them and they are all slowly getting it now..

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  7. You need to flush your soil.

    I say this because you have something in your soil thats blocking uptake and causing necrosis.
    Your plant is too young for nutes, and organics rarely burn.
    Id still say its your lime. Maybe you used too much. You wont know until you measure your pH.
    Flushing isnt necessary with organics...but it might be if your pH if off.

    And you need to cook your soil for atleast month for all these components to come to equillibrium.
    Using uncooked soil can easily cause pH fluctuations while the plants growing...and so can your water.

    My advice to you...buy a pH meter
  8. :poke: test ur ph. odds are it is way off causing lockout. now that's 3 people telling you the absolute first thing you have to do before diagnosing. post ph. if it is acceptable we can then move on to something else which may be causing it. but we won't have to
  9. There is a lot more here, going on than the OP will reveal, those pix and the indications are only the current result, and due to get worse until the OP can get his shit strapped down, this will occur continuously, .....and yes it has nothing to do with cannabis plants! 
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    LOL You want me to flush an organic soil why? My lime is fine. I have tested ph actually and run off was between 6.4 and 6.6, although with organics PH doesn't really mean much since from what I've read over the weeks seems to indicate that it will swing. Many organic growers grow without ever checking PH. Not here to debate this go look for yourself.
    And Vostok what are you talking about? A lot more going on than I will reveal? As in I'm hiding something? I'm approaching week 5/6.. have not had an issue since.. plants are thriving.
    Thanks to the Organics section/members my issues where resolved weeks ago. I was over watering.
    I was also warned that posting in this section would simply get me a "get a ph meter" or "its your ph" response.. well guess they where right :confused_2:
    Thanks for the help guys. :)
    Opinions are like everything else, everyone has one. As far as your organic buddies are concerned, ph is important for us, irregardless of what you or they think, and it's 8 out of ten times it's a ph issue for folks that present their issues. But one things for dad-gum sure, those spots on your plants were NOT from overwatering. And, if :confused_2:  your piss poor issue was resolved weeks ago, why not let us know? Huh?
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  13. You want to talk down to anyone, go to the organic thread and stay there, otherwise, you'll notice that I'm on this thread to stay. If not, we'll get it on and duke it out if you think you can rid yourself of me?  :mad:
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  17. Mmman.... ph is way overdiagnosed. Quick fix... "gotta be ph!"

    I'd laugh too.

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