Leaves tacoing

Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by Biome, May 6, 2020.

  1. Leaves on my plants are tacoing after putting them outside during the day, any idea why and how I can fix it?

    thank you all

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  2. Your plants look fine.
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  3. First time growing on my own so I wasn’t sure.. thanks tho!
  4. UV & IR - they look great. Leaf taco is something you can get with high temps. I'm asssuming the added IR warmed the leaves more than they are used too, nothing to worry about imo.
  5. It’s best, if possible to “harden off” your plants to the outside. A good strategy is too introduce them to sunlight for a few hours at a time in the evening or morning, when the sun isn’t so intense. Cloudy days work great too.
    Then increase the time a couple hours every day.
    Grannie Sinse does it the simplest way ever. She lines up the seedlings, a folding chair with a towel hanging on it, and high noon. The plants get a couple morning hours, a couple evening hours, and are shaded during mid day. The next day she moves the chair a little farther away from the plant so it gets light longer. It’s so slick, only a chair to move around. If you forget to move the chair farther, no harm no foul. Just takes a couple days, depending on your latitude.
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  6. Grannie is a genius! Great story Sinse. Spot on advice as well.

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