Leaves starting to yellow day 23 flower

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  1. Hey guys growing grand daddy purp for the first time and my leaves are starting to yellow. Wondering if i should feed more. I havent given it calmag since flower.
    Currently on

    1/4 teaspoon beastie buds
    1 ml fulvic acid
    3 ml silica
    3 tbsp fish fert

    Gave it that once last week and then water.

    Before that was on

    5ml each humbolt secrets base a/b
    1 ml mr fulvic

    Would give it superthrive every now and then in veg..in veg didnt give it much nutes cause soil was ocean forest/coco/perlite mix

    I dont ph my water ever...never have. Do let it sit out a few days...

    My wedding cake in same tent look great with same feed.

    First 3 pics are of the GDP. Other is wedding cake in same tent

    Any ideas? 20221103_102658.jpg 20221103_102647.jpg 20221103_102651.jpg 20221103_102749.jpg

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  2. Can't speak to your plants but might not be much to letting the water 'sit' for a few days other then your own peace of mind - This was an old school tactic to gas off chlorine...but no longer applicable.
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  3. Old school or not it's still works.

    Who says it's not acceptable anymore?

    I've been gassing off my water for at least 15 or 20 years.
    I grow organically 100%. The last 5 years in a row instead of collecting rainwater I now filter City water with a 2500 gallon RV filter now. Then it sits in a 55 gallon drum with an AirStone and a water pump for circulation until I'm ready to water.

    Change my mind.

    As to your plants. It looks to me like they're a little bit starved on the nitrogen. you might want to adjust your base that you're using a bit up in nitrogen. I'm not a big fan of synthetics. but the signs of nitrogen deficiency is in ... It's not dramatic but the pale leaves tells the story.

    Good luck and happy growing friend's

  4. Applicable...not acceptable. It's essentially no longer applicable because water isn't primarily treated with chlorine like it used to be....chloramine is what's used on the regular....which won't change due to sitting. watering your outdoor garden with tap water isn't going to kill everything.
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  5. Thanks for that bit info.
    I don't know about your city water. If you have or don't have?
    My city water was just flushed with chlorine last week. The reason I know is the city sent me a letter saying so. And to let my water run for a little while before drinking.. but I don't drink City water if I don't have to. Occasionally in someone else's coffee, but. I have a filtration system in my house system.
    When I took a shower yesterday night. I could smell chlorine in the water. Like a low chlorine pool smell's.
    I don't grow inside like I used to. When I used to grow full term inside.
    I would collect rainwater from off of my roof and in the winter time I collected snow and melted it at room temperature as well as snow melt off my roof could still collecting my rain barrel system outside. I would pump it into 2/55 gallon drums in my basement where I kept it aerated and circulated.
    I used to keep a raised bed live soil grow in my basement for 2 year's. 10 ft long 2 ft wide 16 in tall 20180417_130324.jpg 20180108_170044.jpg 20180413_205505.jpg
    As organic grower I depend on my microbes.
    As I said earlier I don't grow inside full term anymore but if I did I would only use rain water.
    I just keep clones inside now for the outside grow season.

    Thanks again for the info on the different chemicals they're using in city waters these days.

    No matter though I still don't trust City water.

    Happy growing
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  6. That lady looks locked up to me. If she was hungry, doubt you would see the burnt looking tips. The burn also looks like it’s creeping beyond just the very tip of the leaf. That and the discoloration around the outer part of the leaves along with the serrations starting to curl like I can see on a few leaves are all signs of a K issue. She should be getting plenty of potassium though with what you are feeding. My experience has been that when they start going that direction fast in flower, it’s because they are locked out from excess nutrients or a pH problem or both. I would slurry your soil with distilled water and see what your ppm and ph is. Compare it to your healthy girls. That will tell you whether she is not getting enough food or getting too much and needs to be rinsed out and lightened up on a bit. My money is on too much. Hungry plants usually show deficiencies gradually. When they get locked out, the nutrient switch gets shut off and they go downhill fast. In flower, it’s usually K that is the killer because the plant wants lots. Good luck getting her sorted. Cheers
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  7. So i did a test of my soil..ph is 6.01 ppms was 1430..nute lock?

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  8. Also if i flush now do i need to feed immediately or wait 4-5 days

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  9. Sounds like she was locking up. Good you dealt with it. That can get real ugly fast. If you are still at 900ppm after a flush, you can probably hold off on feeding for a few. I would probably just lighten up her feeds from here and it should improve with time. May give just ph water for a few. Check again after her next feed and see where you are. I like to see that number around 400-500, but that’s me…If you start seeing leaf symptoms in shaded parts of the plant (inside and under canopy), it’s generally because she’s not getting enough P and/or K. I would keep her on lighter feeds until/unless you see those kinds of signs. Good luck. Cheers
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  10. Thank you!! After water i got final runoff down to 630

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