Leaves sagging 2 hours before lights out

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  1. Hi guys,
    So I have some three week old cuttings that have been coming along pretty good. A few hiccups along the way but overall health is good and they’ve been growing quick. 2 days ago I transplanted from small 4x4 cubes to 1.5 gallon pots (plants were about a foot tall) . I used Canna coco and verified low EC in the runoff before planting by rinsing a gallon or so through each one of calmag water and testing with a blue lab pen. So two days go by and I was planning on watering /feeding tonight when lights go back on at 722. However a couple hours prior to lights out I noticed them sagging a little. Not fully sagged out like when lights are out but like halfway there. So I panicked a little and fed them all with solution that is about 100ppm stronger than what I’ve been doing. Now that I think of it it probably wasn’t the right move.
    So in total I fed 500ppm with canna a&b, ryhzo, Zyme, calmag. Anyway is this sagging thing normal? My tent is 8x8 temps 75/79 RH 55-62 great air circulation with two fans on low blowing indirectly over the canopy. One giant exhale bag for some cO2 supplement but can’t tell you how much
  2. You try just upping your amount of water a bit? you might need to make sure you have about a 1/4 inch of water in your runoff catch tray below your pots and your plant should suck it up by the end of the day. This might help them sit up better. Also, double-check your humidity and heat levels at the top of the plants (upper portion of your tent) since heat and humidity naturally rise to the top. Some like to check it at the top of the pot level, but this reading is false, you want to know how much heat/humidity your leaves and colas are getting, not the pots. So I would take a reading closer to the tops of your plants if you don't already do this. Then you can adjust the height of the light or the plant itself if needed.
  3. I have found that when plants are in the 2-4 week age range most plants start to droop as night approaches. Not unusual. If they don't perk back up within an hour of when you turn the lights on, you might have a problem.
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  4. Well my girls are in that range about 3 weeks. I guess I’ve never poked in on them before lights out since I’ve started them because I would have noticed it. I do have a hydrometer on the floor and a Kokonaut wether sensor just above canopy. The hydrometer says 78-55 and the canopy sensor at canopy level says 82-62. I have just the two 315’s on for now and they’re almost at the top of the tent. I could probably get another 6” or so by zip tying them directly to the top. I’m hoping when I check them tonight they’re all happy. And thank you for the replies. I’m a new grower and forums like this are huge for me. I’ve posted on ICMAG a bunch And rarely do people reply. If they do they are very short and kind of leaving you still wondering. Almost intentionally but who knows. But thanks!
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