Leaves rolling/curling up? o.O

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by WA-grower, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. Hi All,

    The largest lady in my garden is acting a little weird. Some of the upper 1/3 or so leaves are curling/rolling themselves up, I first noticed it about a week or so ago, and then its been happening a bit more lately.

    Strain: XXX skunk
    time: 2 days into flowering (12/12)
    last watered: yesterday
    lights: 1000W MH, about 18-24 inches from plant?
    last nutes: about a week ago with watering
    temps: pretty consistent 78-80F

    any ideas? pics all from the same plant.




    Thanks :D
  2. Looks like overwatering, and/or heat stress.
  3. This is the same plant that was experiencing:


    I watered and it perked back up within 24hrs or so, but most of the plants in my room have at least a little bit of curling down like that. Possible nutrient deficiency? I do use the crappy miracle grow plant/vegetable food, but I just went into flowering and so I will be using some organic bloom food soon thats something like 5-5-50 or so. Maybe that will help?
  4. That curling at the ends is usually heat stress, but your temperatures arent too bad. Maybe its a sensitive strain, maybe its something else.
  5. What is a good distance for the lights (1000W mh) from the plants, 1 week into 12/12, ~4.5ft tall

    also anyone else grown triple X or a similar skunk had any similar stories?
  6. Id have them at least 18 inches from the tops of the plants.
  7. Thanks hootskers

    also after reading quite a bit it sounds like potassium deficiency, im having all the symptoms of it. rust color spots, weak droopy looking stems but strong leaves, curling up etc. Im going to leech tonight and put in a high K blooming fert on friday.
  8. you should let us know how it goes my plant is starting to do the same thing.

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