Leaves rapidly yellowing, brown crispy edges, first time grower

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  1. Yo GCO crew, I thought I had culled the problem, as I hadnt seen rapid leaf damage for weeks. I have a subpar soil mix, that will be recycled into a proper mix for next run.

    Rough Estimates on initial soil mix

    2 bags FFOF
    2 bags FF HF
    2 bags oregons only #4
    3 cuft castings
    1 part Cedar grove compost
    1 part Ecogro steer manure blend compost
    1 part each 2 local composts
    4 cuft perlite
    3 lbs kelp
    3 lbs alfalfa
    3 lbs blood meal
    3 lbs bone meal
    4 pounds oyster shell flour
    3 pounds 0,11,0 seabird guana
    1 pound 9,2,0 bat guano
    2 cups dolomite
    2 pounds azomite
    1 cup epsom

    Since planting I have top dressed over time into each pot roughly a pound of neem cake, a cup of mbp 2 cups each alfalfa, kelp, half cup each bone meal and OSF. Each has been top dressed with compost once and castings once.

    Did weekly AACT for 2 months, 7 gallons blue corn sst, 5 gallons clover sst, regular kelp/aloe/coconut/fulvic/agsil/neem oil sprayings for the last 4-6 weeks (didnt get them all at once), a couple times I added in some fish hydrolysate and kelp ferment. Mulched with straw, somewhat of a living clover mulch, and the insane number of leaves ive lost. Each pot has had a table spoon tm 7 sprinkled on and have had tm7 in 3 kelp teas.

    Im 2-3 weeks into flowering in 15 gal pots, I water with our well water a good solid deep even soak every other day. We had 8 weeks straight 95+ and although it backed off a little its still 90+ every day and more humid (still a damn desert and have had exactly one day of rain since may 1)

    I have tons of leaves yellowing over a couple days slowly then bam out of nowhere they are pale pale pale yellow, with brown crispy edges. I give them so much kelp it cant seriously be potassium unless the phosphorus has locked out the potassium to some extent. Only things I could conceive
    of being deficient are calcium, sulfur, or magnesium. Maybe Im mistaken, but I think everything else should be well covered. I dont know the calcium or iron content of the water but judging by the red it turns the rocks and the hefty white water spots it leaves im guessing plenty of both.

    Any ideas guys? Like literally any conceivable cause of the leaves to do this is valuable because of my ability to consume, process, retain and decipher information it wont take me long to figure out whats up if I even had a clue where to start. Only things I find about the leaves doing this all say K deficiency but I doubt that...also is that caterpillar damage to the one leaf? The one plant has several leaves like that...

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  2. Your plants look just fine to me.

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    By the way, you're doing pretty damn great for a first time grower.


    Edit: "any conceivable cause" - you were given good advice below with pot size vs plant size and flowering stage. This is to be expected.

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  4. Your plants are several weeks into flowering and you have huge plants relative to the pot size, so it's not surprising that you're seeing yellow leaves.
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    Ok well I had issues a while back that were similar, seems that I may have had dry spots in the soil. Cleared up a week later, I expect some yellowing but less than 3 weeks into flowering and my tallest plant has already lost 1/3 of its leaves and at least half of what is left is discolored. Seems like something based on the rate of damage. I get the pot size is an issue.

    I could be wrong but I feel something is wrong. The short stout plant has never had issues like the taller two, and I woke up to half a dozen yellow leaves. So my thinking is that maybe ive gone overboard on the agsil...would this cause such occurrences?

    Thanks for the props jerry, I worry because it is my first time, and ive read so many horror stories. Im growing the plant for medicine for my grandma so that is another factor. Also I found my passion, I am supposed to grow cannabis. Growing.it with a directed intent for the benefit of all who consume it with a desire for more than what the matrix offers.
  6. So what about pests or is it literally only that the plants are too big for the pots because im getting lots more yellow now than before. Ill take pictures in the morning but it just doesnt make sense that if pot size is the issue that the plant with the most and biggest buds, and of the 3 the last one potted in final pot is the last one to have started yellowing, and the thinnest one has the most...again this is my first time growing but it seems to me like maybe something ran short in the soil, but I could also see that maybe it took that long for the roots to fill the pot and thats when the issues started.
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    The pictures make it look way more green than it does, maybe its cuz of the smoke making the sun red.

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  8. Looks kinda like nitrogen deficiency to me. If you want some great info on growing Ed Rosenthal has a great guide with high quality pictures and great reading material.
  9. Some of the leaves look like this...

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  10. Your plants are fine. Keep feeding them alfalfa/kelp tea or neem/kelp tea for the next few weeks.

    Just like I told you months ago it will be difficult to keep up with them at the end because of the tiny pots.


    Grandma is gonna have plenty of weed. If she puffs down on all those plants by next year... Ill really wanna meet grandma.
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  11. Lol I got a good laugh out of that one, ok ill just keep plugging away, thanks man. Grandma likely wont smoke any of it, but ill be making rso, tinctures, and cannacaps.
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  12. Who is Ed Rosenthal?

  13. Glad I could get you laughing. Nice job btw. Especially for the first time. I understand your concerns. No worries, you got this.
  14. The best cannabis grower of all time! Duh! For 100 bucks you could attend one of his seminars and get hooked up!

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