Leaves Problem.

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  1. Possible issue here? I have a 600hps air cooled in a 3x3 using Miracle Grow organic soil (which I have read and seen not to be great on here I ordered some ffof to replace when i move them into 3gallon fabric pots)

    I have been watering them with regular tap water that I have PhD to around 6.0+-.5 since it's not a digital read. Biggest change was about a week ago I moved them from outside on my deck growing to inside a tent. Temps are between 78-84 at peak around the canopy.

    IMG_20190704_165956.jpg IMG_20190704_165951.jpg
  2. Sorry but why are your leaves wet? Light can burn
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  3. Freshly watered I usually brush them off afterwards however was in a hurry to take the picture before I forgot this time and left for work...

    Or are you saying that's what caused this?

    I'm just worries about my lil fellas
  4. Leaves always should be dry non-watered.
    It doesn't much make point the brush them afterwards, try to water only soil.
  5. I’m not saying the water on your leaves caused it, I'm just pointing it out.

    It might be a deficiency, or maybe rootbound? Idk, maybe somebody else can hop on?
  6. I'm quite sure a few seconds of drops didn't hurt anything, my reference to a possibility of water harm is the fact they were outside in their natural habitat during a small rain storm before I moved them inside.

    Wasn't sure if the move from outside lighting to indoor caused the stress change
  7. Im betting that you need better drainage and more airflow in your soil. Get them into a better soil and mix in about 30-35% perlite. Get used to the weight of the dry pots, and the weight after they have been watered and you will get the feel for when they are in need.

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  8. turn the light down. too much light.
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  9. Got them setup in some new stuff

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  10. they gonna love that. you get that light turned down a bit? 600w in a 3x3 is intense.
  11. I moved it to 400w on the ballast. Should I have it on 600 at any point do you think?
  12. Over watered for sure
  13. are those the options? either 4 or 600? cause if you can, gradually turn it up starting round week 3-4 of flower. other wise, wait till week 4 and pull the light up some and blast it. check em a few hours. they good, check em the next day.
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  14. I would definitely invest in a pH meter. I am using the kit now and fucking hate it. Also pH is honestly one of the most important things. So an accurate reading is very important.
  15. i dont mind the kit too much. but i can say that i have used ph perfect sensi grow and tested the run off a coupla times and it has been perfect. so i only ph when i'm not adding nutes. so definitely not too bad and i trust it more than i trust electronics. completely just my preference though.
  16. Hydroponics is where it is more important mainly. A properly built soil will have natural pH buffers. Love hydroponics but adjusting pH levels can be a pain in the ass.

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