Leaves problem(becoming dry) please help she is still a baby

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by mrpipe4, Mar 28, 2016.

  1. My little baby leaf is dying i guess, please help!!!!! it`s start today! is this over fert? e0cf2c4b30f6f6ee1c8a52d0bc293c26cf226f1b6de8e15a0fd6053639c2c981.jpg e85c1a41aada4a34e779b05fd7a21514d78b2795b129c4cd1e510013f4cfb673.jpg d9f52925930cbf96e3250afa4a2af99b3fc4606fbc39e337f880a041501812e9.jpg 70cfb2a6195a571a1115bd0bf5a9a7c7d489bf35f8dab58008af3622588af7c6.jpg c040cbda847b5cbfb632deaf5dadfbf3b82e50316a466fadc8770f979c05e37c.jpg 5b7e7a9cff46c89182b9af867650ca629283b8b41cab0f16f70fe9dbca518690.jpg 578c10d8a465355eeb2f7dbf7d5df4067eb088e6e0430e0414c50039043ef498.jpg 588623a2102ffd9191875417f8f32e0c96adb3b3b82269c2528670c0d32b14a4.jpg
  2. bump.. im getting the same problem i have only one plant!!
  3. The very bottom leaves always die off. It is fine, flowering very early though.

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  4. Yeah, they died already, this is the second node :/ and another leaf is becoming like this also.

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  5. Any chances she re-vegetate? I think i induced her by mistake

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