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  1. Hey guys so I have a 4 week old GDP clone. The previous owner's AC broke so the plant was in 100+F temps for a few days. The plant survived but a bunch of leaves dried out but whatever new growth looks good and now the conditions are much better for the plant (temp, humidity, nutes). I'm in foxfarm soil with a 150W HPS. I'm running 20/4 light cycle

    Now the newest fan leaves at each branch (3 branches) point almost straight up. And the ones below it are kinda twisted. The previous owner said "you know it's GDP because the leaves look like they have arthritis" is this bullshit? Are the twisted leaves and the pointed up leaves bad? Does any of this matter for flowering?

    The picture I'm attaching is a close up of the top of the tallest branch. As you can see the leaf in the middle has most of its fingers pointed up and then the leaf below has a twist to it.

    Let me know what's up!

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  2. what nutrients are you giving her? To my understanding that leaves that are twisty is caused by nitrogen toxicity. If you're giving her nutrients, lay off a little bit.
  3. So I've had her for less than a week and I've only given her one dose of Bushdoctor Boomerang Comeback Formula which has a nice combination of nutrients, kelp, and bacteria.
    The previous owner may have given her too many nutes in order to keep her alive in the heat. I'm not sure but I'll ask him when I speak to him next.

    I'm not sure if it is good advice to lay off the nutrients. This boomerang stuff is once a week and I definitely think I should use it again. Any other advice?
  4. The heat shock probably didn't do much since it is still in veg.
    If the leaves have no discoloration I doubt it's high nitrogen.
    HPS isn't good at vegging.
    You may have a weird phenotype.
  5. New growth always kinda looks wonkey... No big though, it'll fill out and look normal soon enough.

    Or you could have a weird phenotype. I wouldn't worry about it...
  6. Hps isn't good at vegging?
  7. It'll work, but the spectrum isn't ideal.

    Hetal halide bulbs are where its at!
  8. Interesting. Could I use a small cfl tube, which I used for seedlings, along with my hps in order to have a better spectrum? Or would that be too much light?
  9. I reckon it wouldn't hurt, but I don't know that it'd make much of a difference.
  10. if your ballast can run an mh bulb then get one, read the instructions it came with
  11. mh is preferred for veg but if you have a t5 bulb then that would help.
    Stress in plants takes a while to outgrow. be diligent with the ph of the water and paying attention to color.
    I know the cat's claw look is from N toxicity. Could also be something with a micronutrient....

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