Leaves of Grass

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  1. Has anyone heard anything thing about this movie besides what imbd said? It looks like it could go either way but Edward Norton is a total bad ass so I have high hopes.
  2. Hell yeah Ed Norton is the fuckin man. He'll be awesome in a dual role I bet. The rest of the cast is nothing to brag about but it's pretty much guaranteed to be worth it just for his performance(s). It's a flat out joke that he's never won an Oscar, not that it really affects my opinion of him, just sayin'
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    I'm in the middle of watching this right now and its been great so far. I'll update with a full 1-10 score when I get finished.

    Overall an OK movie. Not too amazed by it and found myself distracted at times. Not good if you are in the mood for a comedy.
  4. Yeah I'm watching it right now, so far its not bad
  5. I just finished the movie and i'd give it a 6/10

    The acting wasn't that great and some of the plot was unbelievable but it still had its charms. Its always funny to see hollywoods idea of weed, sometimes they get it (big lebowski) and other times they're a little off, as is the case with Leaves of Grass. At one part the guy says something about hydro weed means the seed is germinated in water etc. and they're talking up how great weed in oklahoma is :rolleyes: but i'm probably just over analyzing it. I get the feeling that this is a story trying to be fictional, focusing more on the message then imitating real life.

    Anyway its good for a lazy afternoon pirated movie sesh haha just be sure you have plenty of bud on deck to keep this movie interesting. :smoking:

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