Leaves not looking too good

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  1. So I've noticed my leafs have holes in them and also brown spots. I'm assuming the brown spots are what eventually turn into holes.

    They don't look too bad right now so I am hoping that I can save them. They are being fed with advanced nutrients. I am using 1/4 of what the bottles say to use because I didn't want to start off too strong and burn them. The bottle says 2 ml per litre but I am doing 0.5 ml per litre.

    Plus I am growing in 5 gallon fabric pots with Promix BX as the medium.

    Please help me save my children. MVIMG_20190623_150826.jpg MVIMG_20190623_150833.jpg MVIMG_20190623_150851.jpg MVIMG_20190623_150900.jpg MVIMG_20190623_150918.jpg MVIMG_20190623_150921.jpg IMG-20190610-WA0001.jpeg

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  2. Possible Calcium deficiency and/or some pests eating your leaves if i had to take a guess. Are you noticing the discoloration start down low and working its way up?
  3. Looks like pests. Find an ashtray with lots of cigarette butts. Seep them in water for a few days so you get a nice solution of nicotine water (darkish tea color). Add a little tiny bit of soap to help it cling to leaves. Spray on plants. Hopefully will keep the little fuckers (whatever it may be, if pests) away.

    Good luck.
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  4. Added some pictures of the bugs I found on my plant. Would your homemade spray concoction work on these guys. Plus noone in the house smokes so instead of going out and buying smoke to make this spray anything else I could get?
    I find the damage is pretty evenly spread out. But I also found some bugs which I have attached pictures of below. MVIMG_20190623_173314.jpg 367374814.jpg IMG_20190623_173252.jpg MVIMG_20190623_172840.jpg

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  5. I'm not a bug expert but based on the picture you linked to definitely not a stink bug, just didn't look like that bug. The first and last picture were the same bug just different angle.

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  6. Anecdote;
    I have a couple of plants growing outside.
    Every once in a while, something comes along and starts munching...
    then... it stops.
    It happens again.... but it stops.
    Do some insects get high? Get sick? Fly away in a bird's beak?
    That is to say; are you sure that you have an infestation?
  7. Try doing a google search based on your location and description of the bug. Like "brown bug santa cruz" or something. Click on images and see if anything comes up similar. Will take awhile, but hopefully you'll find a match. IDing bugs and plants is fun--no really--I enjoy it.
  8. Neem oil is pretty good for pests inside. I would assume it would work outside. It’s also good for the plant. Home Depot carries it.
    Looks like you’ve got some nice heavy indica ladies there. Good luck
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  9. Only seen one or two bugs so far. So hopefully that is all I got but it would be nice if there were no holes in my leaves.

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  10. Thanks I'll try that. Hopefully I find something.

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  11. Dr bronners. Its all natural organic. Mix 1 tblsp to 1 gal water dont shake just gently roll bottle back and forward. Then spray on plants.
  12. Thanks brother first time grower so I was not aware of all the issues I would run in to. I will try the neem oil and hope for the best I am assuming it's just something I spray all over the plant?

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  13. It’s sister lol yes indeed just saturate the leaves. It stinks imo but it works. Lemme know how it goes :love-m3j:
  14. Maybe I'm looking at the wrong dr Bronner's but there website is a bunch of soap lotion oil and haircare products.

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  15. The castille soap. Most people recommend the peppermint one for pests and what not.
  16. And its just all natural oils
  17. Even has hemp oil lol
  18. I use it, myself, every morning.
    It does NOT work; I am still a pest.
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  19. There is a website for bug identification I have found handy for some strange critters indoors: ID Request - BugGuide.Net
    They may be able to help you if you get a clear image (maybe avoid images that make it clear it's on cannabis as well...). The large one you posted could be the one eating the leaves or it might be a beneficial predator. Have you seen it eating your foliage?
    Does look like insect damage to me.
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