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  1. Hello and greetings. I am growing an autoflower GSC. But the leaves seem to not developing nicely/ normally like the first set of leaves. This is the second week since it sprouted. This is my first grow and I wonder if this is normal or not. I hope someone can help. Thanks in advance

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  2. With no details its tough to say, and I am still new to growing, but if you aren't using nutrients I'm going to say your pH is off. Not sure though!
  3. My bad forget to mention the details. I'm using ordinary soil and I checked the pH is just nice around 6.5. No nutrients yet, humidity is high, temperature is 30 Celsius, using 50 watt LED light, and I put it around 5 inch from the plant.
  4. What else is growing in the pot with it? My first thought was ph because i can see a little bit of a twist in those leaves, when they twist in the same direction like a pinwheel it's ph. No it's not normal, what soil is it in and what ph is the water you put in it, is the soil ph good too or just the water ph? 50 watts isn't enough power to raise that baby to full size either btw. 30c is 86f that's a little on the hot side it will start getting heat effect around 86.
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  5. I've had plants look as bad and still make it, don't give up just give us as much info as you can, what soil is it? did you add anything to it like perlite? What's the soil ph, the water ph. Check the light distance and make sure it's good for that light. get more light soon! find out what else is growing in your pot if you didn't put it there and get it out before they suck up all your cannabis plants nutrients. The more detailed you can be about what you have done for it and every aspect that could effect it the more likely you are to get a correct answer to what's wrong.
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  6. I do not think pH would be effecting it like that , so soon caused by nutritional lockout. Unless it's supper high/low, like 5.7 or 8.
    I was told a seedling could grow 2-3 weeks with no fertilizers or amendment is soiless mixtures like Coco coir. I usually feed them when the baby leaves die or they have 4 nodes.

    The plant in this thread is only starting it's 3rd node.
    I say it a common effect overwatering or lack of drainaige holes, meaning lack of oxygen to the roots.
    This plant is doing the same as my overwatered (spangonium peatmoss - meduim tap water ) and it was heat stressed. The stagnant air from the light bulb might fold the leaves like that.
    The next nodes should grow normaly if effected at all by this issue.
    How is the secondary growth? See any tops down there? I know it's too tiny.
    Other than that I'd say it was breached or damaged terminal site.

    Update if this is continuing in the future growth.
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  7. Over watering is a real possibility, it is the most common mistake new growers make. maybe let it dry out a little , fix the heat and at least double your light wattage.
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  8. The soil looks deep dark black, like compost. Was it watered within a few hours of the picture?
    This mild deformities happen from time to time. Iv grown 2 dosen plants sofar an it happened to half a dozen of them in the begginin.
    What worried me is when the nodes only make the one fingered leaves on every node even new ones.
    I want to know what cause that to happen. I saw a bunch of blue dream 2ft+ with pepper leaves, just one finger. Never keep it to flower cause I thought it was mutated. It was normal height with other plants of same age.
    The leaves curling like that happened a few weeks ago to me. I overwatered.
    For your soil other compared dry and wet weight by lifting or stick two fingers 2inches into it near the rim of the container. I usually feel no moisture for the first 2inches until I water cause I cant lift each plant without sweating.
    A 2 gallon smart pot with Coco gains at least 85% of weight compared to dry. Feel a bit heavy then a gal of milk when watered. Take 4days until I have to water them again.

    So what's all the info we can get about the environment and amendments being used?
    The seed seems to be sativa dominate by how lanky the leaves are, too soon to tell from pic. You know genetics? Cause it looks damn near like a ditch weed or hemp plant I grew before.

    Another possible cause could be light penetrating to the roots. Iv never noticed issues with clear containers but try to avoid them amyways
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  9. the rest of it are the grass. i took this soil from my garden. yeah, maybe it cause by the heat. temperature is really hot here. i water it using normal RO water but never checked on the pH. i think need to check on its pH later
  10. thanks. i'll update next week
  11. t
    thanks for the advice. yeah, i added perlite to the soil. i already throw all the grass inside the pot. oh btw, i put the plant outside for sun light during its 9th or 10th days, and i think it caused majorly by the sunlight heat. can sunlight do this to a plant?
  12. i water the plant every day. maybe it is overwatering as you said. it is an autoflower GSC. cross with ruderalis. temprature here is so hot and i think the plant is heat stress
  13. YES every day is too much, let it dry out. Sometimes it can take a pot with a small plant in it 4 or 5 days to dry out depending on conditions. Let it dry out and only water it when the pot is light again. Lift it when it's pretty dry and remember the weight of the dry pot so you can just lift it to check it. the other way is to not water untill the top inch or two of soil feels dry to your finger. Looks like godshitman hit his target. :smoke:
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  14. What's the purpose of the other plants in the pot? i've seen other people plant things with their cannabis but it seems to me like it would just be sucking nutrients the plants you want needs.
  15. Thanks. so i guess i'll just let them not watered for a while. hope this plant survive :Love-Plant:
  16. it will they like a good watering but they also like to dry out in between. when i fisrt start in solo cups i water them well and usually at first they don't need more for 4-5 days. As they get bigger and start drinking more it gets faster. Factors like your light and humidity and temp will alter the speed it dries out so pay attention to it. Treat it like it's your child.
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  17. dry light droopy leaves are underwaters, heavy crinkled dark green leaves drooping are usually over watered. Underwatering doesn't seem to hurt them as bad as over watering. I had this problem on my first grow and untill i got it down i let them dry until they began to droop from being dry. They picked back up within a couple hours after i watered them. it only took a couple waterings like that to get the weight down.
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  18. no purpose at all, it just grow out and i already took it away.:thankyou:
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  19. You had seeds of something in the soil you bought? I would avoid that soil in the future!
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  20. :thankyou:

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