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Leaves majorly drooping and hanging down

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Fictional growe, Jul 11, 2011.

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    Auto flowering barneys flower power 8.5 weeks in

    Pretty much over night the leaves have drooped and are now hanging, almost claw like. Pictures to follow.

    I've re potted it into a bigger pot since they drooped and watered but it hasn't changed.

    Please advise


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  2. They look scorched or under watered whats your grow room temp and how often do you water.
  3. No grow room - just on the windowsill. Had a bit of sun yesterday but they dropped before. I was worried about over watering but the soil isn't too damp. I did give it a little miracle growth 2 days ago but have given it before with no probs
  4. Watering about twice a week
  5. Any ideas please?
  6. Bump... This just happened to my autos... Completely drooped over night. Heat index is good... I water 2x a week with a gallon for my two plants
  7. It's not good to grow cannabis on a un sunny window cill that's probably why there drooping.
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    I use a 250 watt mh... I'm not the windowsill guy... But I figured I didn't need to start my own thread...
  9. I'd makes sure you give them a bit more light... Its probably also to do with too much water :) Hope I've helped you out a bit.. Also make sure the humidity of the room is good.. could be too cold for it. If you live in the UK (like me) and depending on the area (Like me) the humidity can range between 60% - 80% and sometimes ... :O 100% :O, so to prevent mine from being in balanced, I've got my PC in my room (creating 30oc of heat :D) and a small desk fan as the humidity of the area where i live is very high :).

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