Leaves look burnt?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Gr0wm0e, Aug 3, 2019.

  1. Can anyone help this started recently and getting worse... started with little spots like leaving wet leaves under led and getting burns... its been flowering for a few weeks outdoors and no pests..not sure if this should be a concern since its so close to finishing

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  2. A lil' bit of light burn looks like. Doesn't look close to finishing though.
  3. Its been flowering for 3-4 weeks not sure it itll make it to harvest... relocated it to a more shaded area hopefully it doesnt get worse it got pretty bad within 3 days
  4. well, its ok to get a few burns, I've cooked my buds under my lights and they turned out very strong, but if the sunlight is too much, usually happens to plants that are introduced to quickly to real sunshine, and when someone forgets to let the plants acclimate to solar radiation. Usually I place my indoor plants outside for ~3 hours at a time, and even then, at the start, I would get burns. Eventually, the plant will toughen up.
  5. Ive had them outside since they flowered no.problems until a few days ago a defoliated a few dead leaves and noticed the burns but they were spots... then it ate up the whole leaf lol

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