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    Hey Guys my plants highest two fan leaves have light green between the veins at certain spots bottom leaves are fine. I had a little white fly problem took a few nibbles on lower leaves but got them sorted. At first glance it looks like Mg def but its not the whole leave what could this be?

    Strain: LSD
    Veg: 2 weeks

    Medium: Coco + Perlite(50/50)
    Light: 400 watt MH
    Light Distance: 15 inches
    Room Temp: 80 F
    Humidity: 55%
    EC Level: 1.0
    Nutes: General Hydroponics (Lucas Formula 6ml Micro, 9ml Bloom and nothing els)
    Nutes Schedule: Feed, Water, Nothing, Feed, Water, Nothing


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  2. Hey Herb! For the most part your girls look good, my one part of advice is to stop with the non feed watering and give them the 6/9 base every time , I'd also throw 1ml per gal of cal mag in there with the base. What's the frequency of your watering? Do you use tap water?

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