Leaves, Leaves and more leaves

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  1. I'm growing for the first time and as a total novis I'm wondering about the big leaves who grows directly from the stem. They shade the small branches so mutch, can I remove them to give more light? If so how high up do I dare to remove them?
  2. As your plants/trees [​IMG] mature some of those older "broadleaf " will yellow and fall off .They are somewhat smokable ,but NOT as potent as your buds will be ,and a bit harsh.
    But don't just pick them off . Are your walls cowered with foil or reflective mylar ?
    Do you have one huge light source or several smaller light sources spread out. Did you Email me for a grow book yet ?
    roach [​IMG]
  3. Do get that grow book that roach talks of. It's most informative!

    Peace [​IMG]
  4. Do not cut your plant! theres a way of getting light down to the lower part of the plant with out having to put stress on it and it's called scrOG you can learn the basics at:


    this is a MUCH better and productive way of growing your dope...

    if you must learn more go to:


    it is advance thou so you may or may not find it hard to follow...

  5. What grow book is that is it free or for sale?
  6. If your plants from seed don't worry about really any pruning until it is a 1-2 feet tall or really bushy.

    If they are clones they can benefit from pruning sooner.

    The pruning at this stage(vegging) is more for shaping the plant and where you want buds to form.

    Not really leaves per say but small branches down low that are not developing are what you should prune.

    When your in flower it is up to you if you want to cut leaves or not. Alot of cannabis cup growers cut leaves.
  7. Do you realize that this thread is nearly 18 yrs old? The OP is probably dead by now . Lol.
  8. Your right that's hilarious
  9. I noticed this morning! Replied to a thread that is old as fuck

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