Leaves, Leaves and more leaves

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  1. I'm growing for the first time and as a total novis I'm wondering about the big leaves who grows directly from the stem. They shade the small branches so mutch, can I remove them to give more light? If so how high up do I dare to remove them?
  2. As your plants/trees [​IMG] mature some of those older "broadleaf " will yellow and fall off .They are somewhat smokable ,but NOT as potent as your buds will be ,and a bit harsh.
    But don't just pick them off . Are your walls cowered with foil or reflective mylar ?
    Do you have one huge light source or several smaller light sources spread out. Did you Email me for a grow book yet ?
    roach [​IMG]
  3. Do get that grow book that roach talks of. It's most informative!

    Peace [​IMG]
  4. Do not cut your plant! theres a way of getting light down to the lower part of the plant with out having to put stress on it and it's called scrOG you can learn the basics at:


    this is a MUCH better and productive way of growing your dope...

    if you must learn more go to:


    it is advance thou so you may or may not find it hard to follow...


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