Leaves have raised white dots on them

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  1. Hi guys,
    So I have a few plants that are about 50 days old in veg. Just recently I noticed a few of the leaves on them have these raised white bumps on them. I waited a couple days to see how it was progressing and the white bumps eventually turn into little holes in the leaf wherever there was a bump. I spray weekly with dr Zymes organic insecticide and fungicide. Ive scoped all the leaves with issues and cannot see any insects at all. I use a 100-1000 wifi microscope that is veiwable from my phone so it is very clear. I'll include a snapshot of the picture I took with the microscope. It almost looks like some kind of fungus maybe idk. Some leaves also have a weird twisting and overall rough feel. I grow in coco and have been feeding @ 600ppm always ph'd to 5.9 and have since gone down to about 540ppm. The one thing I will note is I have two tents with all the same strain (papaya,stardawg) the plants that I put into the flower tent have no signs of any bumps. All the medium and feeding are exactly the same in all of them. The only thing that Ive changed in the room that I'm having issues with is the dehumidifier. I needed to take it out of that tent to put it in the flower tent. So I'm sure the humidity was spiking at lights out. I've since put a timed inline exhaust fan in there to take out humidity at lights out. I've set it to come on for the first hour of lights out, then 10 minutes every hour for the remainder. but that was only yesterday when I installed it and I'm sure if that was the issue it wouldn't clear up that quick anyway. The room does have an ac to control temps(75) lights on and off. Any help on this would be awesome.

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