Leaves hang down

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  1. Hi, leaves on my plant are hanging down. Leaves looks ok, but i want to avoid any problems. Some ideas would be great :). Here is comparison 20316848_1587157207983960_1644802179_o.jpg 20348183_1587157487983932_1300815333_o.jpg
  2. Last few days sun isnt shining much and leaves have little holes. 20317225_1587157051317309_1251029275_o.jpg
  3. Did you just water it? The holes are from caterpillars get yourself some BT.
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  4. My plants hang like that if they need water or I over water them.
  5. I
    Do you know, what solve my problem with caterpillars?
  6. BT for caterpillars. Spray you plant when the sun is going down. Use iy up to 3 weeks before harvest
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  7. I live in Czech republic its hard to buy one of these BT that works. Do you have some experience with home-made BT?
  8. Two days, but it rains often. But rain water is distilled water so idk if i can water her.
  9. Go by lifting the pot and what the soil looks like if its light it normaly needs water
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  10. Pot was light so i water her, but its weird because last few days rains often
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  11. IT rains here almost everyday I still need to water my outdoor plant ever few days, The sun is hot and drys the water pretty quick
  12. We will see if it help. Last two weeks sun isnt shining at all.
  13. Its amazing a water her and 1 hour after leaves are back :D ty much
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  14. Glad to hear :)
  15. On top of it not having water it looks foggy. Mine are outside and it's bin foggy the last three days here and mine are a little saying from lack of sun
  16. Here is a page full of homemade fixes for the garden. See Pesticide for the caterpillar repellant.

    Strange Brew! Homemade Garden Sprays

    I have not used it myself so, if you do use it, I am curious as to the outcome.

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