Leaves getting yellow and fall down

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I am new in Growing, just started first time 3 weeks ago, and i am afraid that my plant is dying, maybe someone could tell me is it everything ok with this plant, or i can do something to protect from dying it ???

    Here are some pic of my plants

    5 days ago 2 leaves falled from the bottom, and yesturday i woke up and i saw that the second part of leaves from bottom are getting yellow.

    On the 6 pic you see one leave which became yellow

    When i could see from my plant is it female or male ??

    Thank in advance

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  2. What kind of soil are you useing ?
  3. im not sure about the leaves, but the stem looks a little thin......try getting a little more light. maybe you got root wrot.
  4. That plant seems fine, does your soil have nutes in it? because it looks like it is lacking some nitrogen. Flush your pots with about 3 gallons of plain water to make sure you don't have a nutrient lock up and when all the water has drained outta it throw some grow in there zzzzzzzzz(grow is higher in nitrog).. It should green up in a few dayz. also what type of light are you using? remeber that the less light you have the slower the plant will grow and the less food it will need. If your using flor's keep them about an inch away from the top of the plant, if your using a hps or mh keep the anywhere from 12-24 inches away depending on the wattage of the light...hope this helps? p.s. you probably won't be able to tell what sex it is for about another month...

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