Leaves Getting Eaten By Insects

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by nick6670, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. whats good
    so I have 4 plants outside and in ground. they have been doing good but as soon as i topped 3 of them it rained like crazy for a week and a half and the sun didnt come out. they had some minor leaf dammage but nothing terrable.
    i have noticed that there are alot off pillbugs in my soil. ive gotten rid of the ones ive seen but i have found none on the plant itself just in the soil.
    i went out to check them this morning and one had fallen over. it was the only one staked up but the stake had come down too. almost all its leaves had been eaten and was broken right at the base i heard that termites eat around the base fist so it falls over but i have not seen any termites yet just the pillbugs and one or two slugs so maybe it was just strong wind
    2 of the other ones also have a good amount of leaf dammage from bugs i am hoping they recover. i just went out and spricled some salt around all the plants and did a long surch to kill all the pillbugs i could find. one plant the oldest and biggest is so far untouched despite the good amout of pilbugs i pulled out of the soil this leads me to beleive that they are not the ones responsable
    any advice would be apreciated thanks

  2. Neem oil, I spray 1x per month just to avoid hassles such as this, just not to close to harvest as is an acquired taste ....lolTo my blog: http://forum.grasscity.com/blog/1093/entry-9709-neem-oil/Please Please ..Nick NO salt we have enough Ph issue here in sick bay as is, just use Neem is safe for plant and human, works by gumming up the bugs mouth, although I'd be tempted to relocate your plants to large 5-25 gallon air pots, then insert to dug holes in the ground.Allow noobies to see this as another post NOT to plant directly into local dirt

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