leaves getting brown?

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    The leaves have been turning brown in some spots. I am new to growing, can anyone help me out? photo (1).JPG

    photo (2).JPG

    photo (3).JPG
  2. I herd browning of leaves means the soil might be too acidic. I got a ph tester and the soil was in the ph range between 6 and 7. to make it closer to 7 i bought a big bag of pulverized dolomitic limestone and added some of the powder to water and gave it to the plant. I'm not sure if that helped, or just made it worse. I'm not even sure if i was supposed to mix the limestone in water.
  3. Looks kinda like nuts burn to me. What kind of soil u using and nutrients if any
  4. I got the soil from someone's compost pile because i didn't know what soil to buy, however I'm not entirely sure what was in it...He said something about worms, idk i was really high. I don't know anything about nutrients and all im giving the plant is the limestone powder and water, so that might be the problem.
  5. Ya. U only use the lime when flushing the soil. Go to a hydroponics store and get some proper dirt. Who know what king of bugs and bacteria are in that soil probably killing your roots
  6. Well i wouldn't say the soil is completely bad because the guy i got it from uses it for his plants at his Medical Dispensery.. if i was to get new soil though, wat would u reccomend?
  7. Healthy looking plant, and for soil you should try looking for maybe some Fox Farm soils, B-cuz mix, or possibly mix up a batch of your own soil composing of perlite, peat, worm castings, and other yummy plant foods ( find em all over ). I also heard proper compost ( aslong as it's organic waste ) works wonders some times.
  8. Wormcastings! that was it. There's that in my soil and prob most of the things Sebubba said. SO how would i go about transplanting into new soil? is it pretty straightforward?
  9. what do u mean flushing the soil?
  10. You usually wanna flush the soil in the pot before planting to help even out moisture and get out anything u don't want in it plus ph the soil
  11. Hmm.. Well it's too late for that now. So is this plant fucked then?
  12. from the looks of your plants pictures i believe it is the opposite problem, a nutrient deficiency. take a look at this link to help diagnose your problem a little further. it has detailed descriptions and pictures of what, where and how problems manifest themselves and what you can do to correct them. if it is indeed a nut def, flushing is the worst thing you can do since you are leeching nutrients the plant is already lacking. hope this helps!

    Green's Nutrient Deficiency Pictures
  13. thanks i'll check it out

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