Leaves evenly turning yellow

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  1. Outdoor grown, unknown strein started turning yellow on older, and mid aged leafs.
    I don't know the PH of my soil or tea mixture.
    I've been feeding with compost tea 2x a week @ 100 percent strength for at least a month. My tea consists of about 10 cups of homemade compost, about 2-3 teaspoons of of kelp meal, 2 tablespoons of unsulphered molasses and 1 tablespoon of jobes blood meal. With about 15 gallons of water.

    About a week ago (maybe less) I noticed some yellowing on a couple of my plants.
    This one plant is evenly turning the mid, and older leafs yellow with varying degrees of burned ng to the tips.
    Could I be over feeding or have a PH issue? To a greenhorn like myself it doesn't appear to be chlorosis.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Oober goober.
    IMG_20190706_142350.jpg IMG_20190706_142323.jpg IMG_20190706_142305.jpg
  2. If your only feeding it tea's, then you haven't got enough nutrients to feed the plant and have exhausted the soil. In your case your older leaves are feeding your newer growth with the nitrogen. Not enough "N" mean's no Chlorophyll production = yellow leave's...

    Your not feeding enough...

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