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  1. Anyone know whsts going on here?
    Its an auto red poison which appears to be dying from the bottom up.
    It could be due to accidently getting a weak dose of tomato food a week or so ago. Never had this kind if tbing hapoen before so im not sure what to do. I could try flushing it through but dont want to risc overwatering it.
    Its in john innes #2 with approx 15% pearlite. It gets watered with pond water (all of my other plants love it due to the disloved organics in the water (.
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  3. What is the ph of the run off my friend? 
    I believe the John innes #2 is too hot for her, she is burnt...are you feeding it anything additional?
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    Never had to check ph runoff before. I have a meter so will check when I get home. What ph range should i be aiming for?
    Is there any way to calm the jonh innes down or should I be thinking of a total repot in a more bland soil?
    And no im not feeding. As a rule I dont feed autos untill they are flowering as I have found that they dont like it.

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  5. The run off of your plant will tell you what is wrong with your plant in most cases. Either the ph is off and its causing deficiencies or burns or the nute concentration is a little to hot. Try a #1 mix for your little ones next round.
    Your run off ph needs to at 6.5 in soil to have all the proper nutrients chemically available to the root zone.
    I suggest to check your ph first off!
  6. I will check it tomorrow morning as I don't finish work till late tonight. I will post the results on here then.

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  7. Turns out my ph meter needs recalabrating as I havent used it for si long :( .
    So I decided to repot it insted. I used about 40% of the original medium and added about 35% garden soil and about 25% perlite. Hopefully this should prove a better soil mix. Im NEVER EVER using jonh innes #2 on auto's ever again. :angry:

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  8. Those leaves look like they have some kind of extreme
  9. Those leaves look like they have some kind of extreme lockout. What you think?
  10. Looking ok now I have repotted it. Should I remove the burned leaves or leave them on?

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  11. I agree medical.
    Repotting was prolly a great idea but you will still want to re-cal your ph pen and test your run off. That'll tell us a story...
    I would personally cut off only the large necrotic spots to keep from attracting anything unwanted and "leaf" the rest! :D

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