Leaves drying and look like they have burn marks

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  1. For some time a few leaves have been appearing every now and then looking like they were getting burned even when the light bulbs aren't near image.jpg image.jpg and a few upper fan leaves dried out of no where image.jpg
    Yes i do have a fan running the whole time the lights are on. Does anyone know why this is happening????
  2. To me, it looks like a nutrient burn and or defficiency of a sort.
    But go ahead and fill out the form if your looking for an estimated guess by the "experts".

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    I use fox farm ocean forest. I feed cal mag humboldt master A and B, and super thrive. I use distilled water and modify the ph to 6.8. I use cfls equivalent to about 500w on top and 4 13w cfls surrounding the plant. No bugs. Humidity is approximately 35%
  4. The lights are about ten inches away from the leaves that are actually damaged
  5. Is more info needed?
  6. Wats that ph run off... Not goin in, coming out...
  7. I have honestly never checked it. Is it crucial to do so?
  8. Yes. Run off ph will tell you where your goin in needs to be...
  9. You should check your run-off at least once a week to alleviate problems like you're having. An exact measurement is difficult to ascertain in soil, all we need it an close estimate, but it's still an indication of where we want to go to diagnose your issue. If it's low, probably over-fertilization, if it's high, commercial food grade phosphoric acid will bring it down for correction.
  10. Okay thanks I'll buy a plate to hold the run off and let u guys know what the results are tonight.
  11. It's a plant that has been growing for thousands of years with no help from humans. just give it fucking water and sunlight and let her rip tater chip. Been growing great weed for 25 years natures way. All the other stuff you read is crap.

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