Leaves droopy with yellow spots

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Overwatered .? Nutrition deficiency?

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  1. Overwater

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    Hello all , glad if someone could answer my question.
    newbie grower here .
    WEEK 3 seedlings
    DIY tent with mylar film
    im using organic topsoil with
    *coco peat , hummus , root powder , rice husk and sand .
    ph 6 ~7
    LED light 1000lm/ 9kWh
    constant temperature at 22 Celsius
    18/6 light schedule
    wetering 2 times a day

    so the problem is my plant is getting droopy with yellowish patches after spraying some neem oil on it right after lights off .( tiny yellow spot on just 1 individual leaf before spraying neem oil) [​IMG] . It has been overwatered before but ive transplant the plant to new mixing of soil and mediums since after . Was wondering if I should add some perlite into the soil for next transplantation which is flowering stage . Pls help , need advices !! [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Probably have some kind of ph lockout you are all over the place with your medium. Soil and coco have different ph requirements I would flush heavily and start from there if you are in soil use that ph scale if you're in coco use the hydro ph scale.
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  3. What strain of seed? Clone? Indica/ satavia? Feminized? Auto or photo?

    Your plant is not happy. Nut lock possibly and may be over stressed from the transfer. The most advised method to correct this is to cut all nutes to the plant for a week and only feed it RO/Distilled water. The gal should bounce back after it’s been flushed. Those leaves will likely never recover, but the positive is once she starts really vegging you’ll be able to clip those leaves.

    You are barely into veg which should last a few weeks at minimum (4 or more). several weeks to full stretch then flower

    Also why are you using neem? Do you have an spidermite problem? If you’re concerned about pests ladybugs is a much safer route

    A common mistake first-time growers make is to overwater a plant. A healthy cycle of wet and dry is necessary for the roots of a plant to grow out and reach deeper into the pot.

    To see if a plant needs watering, stick a finger down a couple inches into the soil. If it’s dry, it’s time to water.

    You want to soak the pot and have run off through the drainage holes in the bottom of the pot. Water should pool up on the surface of the soil while you’re watering, but it shouldn’t sit on the surface after you move on to the next plant. You can add perlite to your next pot and soil. If used properly it will do wonderful things in your soil promoting oxygen flow.

    Your ph shouldn’t exceed 6.8 , 6.5 is perfect for what you’re doing.

    I just posted a how to humidity and temp in a section you should read. It should clear up a bunch of the problems you’re going to have

    oirbr plantw
  4. Aight thx mate
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  5. Yep saw some mites crawling last week , so I bought need to treaT it but things got worsen sigh , kinda looks like leaf septoria symptoms now but anyway thanks

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