Leaves droopy after cloning

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  1. I have tried to post pics and cannot so I'll just ask question.
    My leaves on my clones are very droopy will they come back to life?
  2. If you have them in a good environment and they have a root system going..........
  3. [​IMG]

    I'll get 6 clones out of this lower branch.


    2-3 inches of stem and a trimmed down fan about thumb sized.



    It's very hot and low humidity here and this will be under a dome for 3 weeks.


    How I get it done in Southern California. Lost hundreds of clones before I gave up on large cuts as I just couldn't keep them alive.

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  4. They should if you have a high enough RH and the medium is wet and the stalk didn't get pinched. What's the RH they are in?
  5. Have you had success taking clones with just 1 leaf and 1 node? I have never seen a technique like that.
  6. @TheTHCwhisperer .......If you don't mind....would you quickly share how you do it? I have never cloned before and it would DEFINITELY me a learning experience for me.......but if you don't feel like it totally get it:passing-joint:
  7. Temps around 75-78F optimal, what I do is get cuttings around 6-8 inches, cut em at a 45 degree angle below node, skin em with a scalpel, dip em in clonex, use 5.5 pH water with KLN. What I do before all that is make my cuttings but leave them in a solo cup for 48+ hours. After that I put em in the dome sprayed with holes part way open, next day fully open, next day take off some and spray 2-3 times, next day once, then see if I can stop spraying. When domes off I water daily. This stops the cubes from getting root rot
  8. Sure that branch would have been 1 clone for me. Strip off all the lower leaves leave just the top 2 to 3 nodes and cut back the leaves like you did. Scratch the bottom of the stalk on 2 sides on the part you intend to bury in the rockwool just enough so it feels smooth. Just don't take to much off! I use my sharp scissors edge at a 90 degree angle. Dip in cloning gel and push into rockwool as deep as it will go without coming out the bottom or side. If you pinch or bend the stalk you have to recut above that or throw away the clone it won't take up water. Maker sure your dome is 75-85 degrees with RH above 80%. I think that should do it. It's 2nd hature for me so I may have left something out. Just ask I've taken over 100,000 clones. May not answer tonight I have to wake up at 4:30am and get to work. In fact I will probably take 500 clones this week. Took these today. The ones out of the domes I feel are weak genetics but if they survive with no dome I may change my mind.

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  9. That is very much appreciated....I think BOTH of you for that. I have both bookmarked
  10. See I missed steps like dabs said 45 degree angle cut but I leave the domes closed and just open them once a day with no spray. Everyone has there techniques and results are all that matter. Take bits and pieces from everyone and build a routine that works for you
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  11. EXACTLY what I try to do!!
  12. [​IMG]
    80 to 90% of them will make it. 50 clones per tray. 4 times per year. Years at it this way.
    It's what works in my environment.

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  13. Never seen that. I seem to be going thru a "f**k my clones are s**t" phase right now and I can't afford to lose many more. My Moms all have a P deficiency and I want to start new plants with new soil mix, and get all my stock back on track.

    I am going to try this. Thanks!
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  14. That's why I love this site
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  15. Hear....here.....lol!
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  16. I love it when I learn new shit! Thanks man I am going to try that with a few of my clones at home. Does it take a long time for them to get bigger with such a small node instead of a top?
  17. Not that much longer. Since it was the only way I was getting clones it took as long as it took. Taking the cuts off my fully vegged plants it works out on my 10 week cycles.
    3 weeks to get roots and 7 weeks in veg gave me a 2-3 foot plant to set out next set. It's enough to keep me in weed year round.

  18. Sweet! If it works on your timeline then that's perfect. Thanks for the info-

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