leaves drooping! pots to small?

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    Bag seed kush strains
    Day 20 of veg from seed
    Topped a couple days ago
    Using shultz 10-15-10
    1000 watt hps (19/5)
    4" pots

    A couple of my babies leaves are starting to droop. I don't think their over watered so would it be the pot size? please help


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  2. The leaves look awesome and seem to be in good health...
  3. shouldn't the nutes and light keep the leaves up no matter the size of pots?
  4. anybody have any advice at all?
  5. A few problems here, but all minor things that can be fixed.
    First since you topped your plant, its naturally going through a phase of being stressed from HST(High Stress Training), and second 1000w HPS is too much light for that lil guy vegging. I would recommend switching to CFLs or low wattage MH (metal halide) bulbs (no higher than 400w). If the 1000w is the only bulb/ matching ballast, then put a protective screen (like fiberglass screen can pick up for 5bucks a roll at hardware store) and hang in a canopy-like fashion under the light so that the light is reduced. Dont worry though, pot is super resiliant and will bounce back. Just dont put too many eggs in one basket, because seeds unless feminized do have an equal chance to be a male.

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