Leaves droop under light

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  1. Hello everyone, I have a plant just put into flower about 10 days ago, and I've noticed that under my 400w hps light, the leaves droop. They will be reaching up after the dark cycle, but after about an hour or 2 under the light, they droop slightly (almost like they do when the first start to need water).

    I have lights 12 inches away from the peak of the plant all at times, but the bulb is also brand new.

    Before switching to flower, I transplanted from 1.5 gallon to 3 gallon pot, and within 2 days, there were already dozens of roots coming out the bottom. Could this somehow be related? If not, is it going to be a problem later in flower?

    Any answers are greatly appreciated!
  2. post pics of the drooping....it could be a number of things...it could be over watering...it could be russet mites...OR if your in good hands it's just the natural "dance" the plants do in relation to what time it is.... when the sun comes out plants aim Thier leaves towards the sun to increase the chance of photosynthesis...some time later they will go back down....then up again ...in a cycle...only way to give insight is with pics and a quick recent history of the plant...ph and ec runoff medium type lighting temps ..really you can't give too much info....only too little...post pics

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  3. Alright, I just turned on the lights an hour ago and moved them up 1 inch. No sign of drooping yet, so I will post if/when drooping occurs. Its in a 3 gallon pot of foxfarms ocean forest, ph runoff is usually about 5.5 with filtered (7.0) water .. that seems low to me, but when reading online, other people with ocean forest soil have the same runoff ph. I have had no bug problems, have gotten my watering schedule pretty solid as with nutes, temp floats around 78 with lights on and goes down to 71 when off.
  4. 5.5 is too low either way you look at it for any kind of soil...coco coir has no soil ..so it's treated with hydro ph...but the runoff in general no matter what mix or brand should not be at 5.5 it should be at 6.5 post pics of the drooping..it sounds like it's just the natural reaction of the plant lifting it's fan leaves up....ALSO they do that if the light is too low...having a new hps bulb too close is not good as it can be more intense than the sun

    although the sun is stronger a plant would never be able to grow close enough to it to cause the damage I'm talking about...having a high discharge lamp too close will cause plants to aim up then level off....I leven though the temps at the top of the plant are fine...light bleaching will occur....it's takes about a week to start damaging the chlorophyll...and it will disguise itself as calcium and magnesium deficiency...tô take that away for the possibilities just raise the lamp to 18-24 inches.

    mine are at 30 inches but I use 1000 Watters and a lot of them....and it'll air cooled.

    do post pics later .peace

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  5. Sounds like what they normally do. After a dark period, they are reaching for light - after that have have it, they settle back down. Unless they are limp, you're ok - it's normal.
  6. Thanks for your answers! Yea, i understand the soil ph is supposed to be that, but theres no way i can get it there. I tried flushing the 1.5 gallon pot with 4 gallons of water at one point, and it didn't even go up .1, then after research, people were saying that's normal for ff ocean forest soil? Idk, but it's been growing in it for almost 3 months now, so I'm sure it's fine. It seems to be doing better with the light being farther away, but I will post pics tonight if that changes!

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