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  1. I had this problem earlier in the grow, week three in veg,the problem seemed to clear up after giving nutes, now three into flowering, it's back, looks like browning in the`vanes with yellowing around it, anyone see this before? white widow x bigbud , indoors soil, ffof soil, tiger bloom for nutes.


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  2. Hey dude that's defo calcium defieceny check your ph as you could have a nutrient lock out as the roots are not exsorbing the right stuff etc.Give them a flush and then a good feed and see how it goes then :)
  3. what is the correct way to flush? I never had to flush a plant yet and Ive read different ways to flush so im looking for the best/correct way to do it.
  4. Whatever size container you have, let's say a 1 gallon pot to be simple, you just triple the amount of water so for a gallon pot flush with three gallons of water so on and so forth. It is messy so I suggest doin it in the tub
  5. Adjust the water ph to 6.5 and flush it 3x your pot size, or untill you see clear water draining out from bottom. The first few flusb the water should have a yellow/brownish color water.

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