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  1. hey guys my blue cheese is almost 4 weeks old now and the leaf tips are starting to curl downwards , its worrying me .

    im waiting on my flora nutes so i can give them some flowering nutes because i just started flowering it 2 days ago, i was wondering if this would help.

    also i added some garden sulfur to the top of my soil, like a litle handful of it and spread it across the top to lower my soil ph cuz its like 7.5 or more, ok thats all thanks guys
  2. :hello:start giving your girls ph 6 water and when u water test the water that runs out the pots keep testing until your soil is bout 6.3 6.5
  3. Leaves curling down is usually from too much fertilizer. Even using 1/4 strength nutes regularly in a 4 week old plant may be too much. Give them a flush with plain water, and let them recover for a few days. I would start back out at 1/4 strength, but reduce feedings to about once every 10-14 days or so.

  4. agreed. what you added wasnt a good idea. soon your tips of leaves will turn yellow and eventualy brown and brittle. if this happens its definantly nute burn. flush it with ph adjusted water like said above

    scroll threw the plant abuse chart. its a bible to me right now
  5. ok thanks guys
  6. kinda but mine curl down and under more my man

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