Leaves curling

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    Also the stalks are turning a brown color on the bottom... Any help appreciated.
  2. What's your water and nute schedule like? Could be a feeding or over/under watering situation. Need more info

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  3. Feed every 3 days. Giving FF tiger bloom and grow big every other watering. In fox farms ocean forest soil. All other plants appear fine


    Bottom left is the one in question
  4. I don't have much inf. on your garden but I can say that yours looks just like mine when a russet mite infestation was just ramping up. The are notoriously tough to see and a 30x loop at the least will be needed.
  5. What's ur humidity and what size are your pots?
  6. That looks like the same issue I've been having with my plants. I'm also growing in Ocean Forest using the Fox Farm nutes. People on here kept telling me I was overwatering my plants even though I knew I wasn't. I had just switch to 12/12 when I started noticing the issues. After weeks of trying to figure what the issue was, I think I finally figured it out. I was using Big Grow and Tiger Bloom at the same time. Big Grow should only be used when vegging. It has way too much nitrogen. The signs were there the whole time. Random leaves were clawing, dark leaves, purpling stems, etc. I was following the Fox Farms schedule at a 1/4 to 1/2 strength and it shows that you should use Big Grow on the 12/12 schedule, but if you read the back of the label it says not to use it when the plant starts to flower.

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