Leaves Curling Upwards, Why?

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  1. The leaves near the top of one of my plants are curling upwards, picture shows what I mean.

    What could cause this? I think this plant also has an N deficiency, so could this also be a symptom of that?

    pH of the water is at a constant 6-6.2, just watered for the first time with molasses (1 tablespoon/gallon) yesterday, using FFOF soil, this is day 36 of the plant's life, plant is about 1 inch from the CFL setup. If any more info is needed, just ask.

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  2. try raising the light source first off. the leaf fringe standing up is a sign of heat stress(probably caused by the light). looks pretty green, so if it is in flowering i would withhold N.
  3. See, here's where I get mixed signals. On that same plant, from other leaves, I have been told it has a Nitrogen deficiency. I have already been told that this plant could have a Nitrogen toxicity. It can't be both... so I don't exactly know how to fix this...

    Also, it's an autoflower on day 36 since seed.
  4. ugh, that is a mind bender. i have no knowledge of autoflower plants. doesnt look like N toxicity to me though. i have literally soaked and submerged plants in foliar spray of N and not had a toxicity. best bet is to raise the bulb a couple inches and see if it makes any difference. soil? leach it with water the next time and let alot drain through. Hope any of this helps.
  5. Yeah, moved the lights, I'll see tomorrow if that made a difference. I also hadn't been using nutrients in this grow (I have FFOF soil and was going to see if the nutrients in the soil could hold up for the life of the plant) but I have the FF trio coming in the next couple of days. So next watering I will start using those, and see if the problems go away (hopefully by then I find out exactly what those problems are...).

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