Leaves Curling Upwards slightly?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by DRAXXX, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Plant is 18 days old, and the leaves seem to be curling upwards. is This is a sign of heat stress, nute problem or something else?


  2. i have one strain its skunk that does it temp is 75 so i hope you figure it out i have not yet good luck draxxx
  3. Well im growing Hydro, So just re-adjusted my PH Down to 5.2. Probs stabalize around 5.5. Also adjusted the lights slightly higher, added an extra fan and kicked on my filter system at temps are around 88F. Hopefully it'll do the trick lol. >.<
  4. No one got any ideas? Still curling >.<
  5. Humidity is around 40 - 45. Does it require more?
  6. I keep my VEG room 60-65% some ppl say under 40 is bad so if their right your right on the line I keep my BUD room bout 45%
  7. Fair play mate, that was so contradicting. lol. You keep your Room at 60-65%, yet you keep yr bud room at 45%?
  8. Lol ya kinda talk weird ima back woods kinda guy but I keep my flower room low to steer clear of mold but couple of my starts looked like that and it was humidity

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