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  1. Hey Blades, I'm currently a few weeks into my first grow. I'm using Fox Farms Ocean Forest as my soil, I haven't added any nutes, and they are under a kessil h150 LED and 2 Taotronics 12W LED. This is in a micro grow. My temps have been between 72-76 when the lights are on, and probably near 65 when off. It's been about 3 days since the last water but even the top of the soil still seems moist (although I have been misting it a bit here and there to see if that would help the problem, but not enough to keep the soil as wet as it is) I have been looking all over to try to find any similar threads to this but I couldn't, but I don't know if that's just my incompetence. My plant looks to be pretty healthy other than the leaves deciding to curl upward an in a bit. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  2. I see nothing wrong with your girls. WW can be extremely sensitive to precharged substrates. I think FF by their own admission applies to many nutrients, on their site they say the medium is adjusted to 6.3/6.8. I have to surmise that when some folks have a bit of trouble with their products, that some of their employees get the medium ph too low, with little quality control. Just an unproved assumption on my part, but you know what they say? Never buy anything that's built on Fridays or Mondays... LOL.
  3. Curling leaves on your part is trying to shed excess water, avoid over watering test the soil well first by weight or insert finger, under hotter lights yes water 1x time per week, but led's not so much, if you pot up, mix in 30% sand or perlite to avoid compaction and nute issues
  4. Thank you both for the insight. I heard somewhere that the curling up might have been from lower humidity, so that's why I was misting. The last time I watered was on 1/12 and today was the first day that the very top of the soil was dry so I definitely have a few more days until my next watering
    hahaha very true. I might have gotten a Monday batch

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