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Leaves Curling Up, Dry and Get Orange. Please Help!!!

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by behner14, Jan 16, 2012.

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    Transplanted today into a 2 Gal container. At first plant had features of a high PH level,new growth was light green and leaves were getting smaller so I Lowered the PH with Fresh Lemon Juice and Water to Dilute it. Then tested soil and it seemed to lower the PH too much so I added some baking soda today with lots of water to raise PH and after that i decided to transplant plant into a bigger container than originally was. Now it looks like its drying. Leaves curling up alot and like drying out, getting crusty. Leaves are getting dark dark green with rust orange on it. I also gave a little nutes to the plant yesterday but i flushed it today. I am hoping the plant is stressing due to overwatering. Please Help!! Ill attached Photos, i can take more pics if requested. Also it was outside today in CA 60 degree weather while transplanting and flushing, idk if the sun might of hurt it. thanks
  2. Whats your room temp. Looks like they are getting way too hot.
  3. high and mid 80's could be higher during the day. have a fan on to circulate air. i can raise my lights. have 4 2" T-5's. 2 2700K and 2 6500k
  4. Thats way high temp and if your suspecting that it could be getting higher then that in the day then thats probably why your getting the wilting and curling of the leaves. Daytime temps should run around 78 and night time can be down to 68. That is the "ideal" temp range. When temps are that high you need to water them constantly as they will use it to cool themselves down through tranpiration. Your T5s can be down bout 4"-6" away from your plants. If they are right ontop of your plants you will get flourescent burns also.
  5. ok imma raise them a bit like 3 inch. got these new bulbs in on wednesday. so you dont think that it could be from a nutrient deficiency or nute burn, or over watering
  6. It could be a nute burn but I am suspecting the heat first. And since you already flushed and your not seeing any improvement then that would also point me to heat or flourescent burn. Most of the time on some deficiencies the leaves will curl, but not usually up like that. Most deficiencies the plant will either look sad or have some discoloring such as brown spots, yellowing, purple hues on the leaves and stems.
  7. So as long as you have flushed and your pH is on, I would get that temp under control and see what happens. Make sure the roots are not drying out with those high temps too cause that will inhibit the plants ability to cool itself
  8. ok raising my lights. hopefully its the heat. i was wondering if it could be PH imbalance. and also why do the leaves have that orange rusty look to them
  9. One last thing dont add nutes for a couple of days just incase it was from a nute burn since the leaves were turning dark green you may have had excess N. But since you flushed the excess in the soil should be gone. If you get your temp gets under control and the severe wilting and curling is still spreading then do another flush as it will indicate that it was a nute burn. Just have a little patience and the envirnment under control, and the soil pH'd and work from there.
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    The orange rusty spots are dying tissue where the plant has been damaged. That can be from alot of things heat, nute burn, deficiency, etc. So just get things under control then if the plant is not improving in health then just post with a update. people will be watching and I am sure others will have more advice for you. There maybe someone who can positively ID it for you. I am just advising on where I would start in this situation to try and narrow it down. Hope it helps good luck!!
  11. alright thanks man. ill do all that and see how it goes for me and my plant
  12. rust spots and leaves curling up like that are signs of magnesium def. a quick fix is misting them with epsom salt at 1tsp per gallon water.
  13. :wave: :eek: Get the damaged stuff off so you can see if it is advancing or retreating.
    flush that sucker out ASAP and wait 3 days to see what happens.
    It looks to me like as she gets bigger you are providing the same water maybe? as the roots get tight the watering is patchy and may not get a good thorough watering also water will run off before it soaks into the dirt fully, it is similar to a new sponge where when you wet it the sponge will resist the water at first and it runs off. some parts soak it up and others take a bit more time.
    Your new growth looks good and strong. that may be old damage and you just can't tell until they are gone. What ever you do to them won't cause change immediately.
    remove dead and dying leaves
    when you feed make certain you watered well and have even coverage on the roots.
    Excess water will run off then feed evenly around the top an hour before lights out.
    If you feed strong w/lights on a full cycle you can burn the plants.
    Those are the problems I see when I look at those gals.
    your ph may need some adjustment too. add some Dolomite lime. some of the guys here may know the amt to use.:wave::)
    good luck:wave:

  14. I'm going with a heat prob and maybe a nute def that looks to me like a zinc def. Here is a pic I found of a plant w/ zinc def....hope this helps.
  15. well i looked at them more this morning and to me it seems like all the fan leaves are curling up and drying and dying. they have like a smell to them, like chlorophyll smell. the new growth seems fine and almost no affected
  16. Remove the dead and dying fan leaves so you can tell easier if new ones appear. That way you will know if it is continueing to spread.
  17. I agree that it's heat stess. What is the soil or run-off pH? Also what and how often do you feed it?
  18. well if its heat stress i lowered the temp now. soil ph im afraid to water right now since i flushed it yesterday and the soil is still saturated. the soil ph measured around 6.3 - 6.6 been feeding it plain tap water for about 3 weeks and 2 days ago i gave it SCHULTZ 10-15-10 plant food half dose which is 3.5 drops in a quart of water because i thought the plant had a soil deficiency.
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    Are you using a soil or soilless mix? If your using a soil your pH should run 6.0 - 6.4 and if its a soilless mixture then your pH should be running 5.4 to 5.8. Also if I was you I would get different nutes then that shultz, go to your local gardening shop and find a quality organic product like Earth Juice, Botanicare, Roots Organic and so on. They are not that much more expensive then what your using and you will get way better results.

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