Leaves curling inwards...help!!!

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  1. Why are my leaves curling inwards? My temps are about 89-90 and I keep them properly watered. Whats the deal?

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  2. It's a bit warm in there maybe you ought to try to improve the ventilation a bit.. they'll grow much happier if the temps went down a bit.. but about your curl issue.. Do you have a humidity guage thingy? It kinda looks like the plant is trying to reserve moisture.. Maybe you ought to mist them a bit and see if it helps.. with the warm temp they may just be persperating too much.. Other than that I used to have a problem that looked similar but not exactly the same, either way it ended up being a magnesium deficiency. I used CAl-mag to remedy.. Although that isn't what that looks like to me.. just thought I'd throw that in..
  3. I had the same prob. Light was too close to the plants.
  4. are you using any ferts because alot of the time when you ae using to much they will curl in. but high 80 could do it to. try not to let your grow room get over 85 at the highest.
  5. I added about a little less than a table spoon of Epsom salt to a gallon of water....gave it a shake and watered the plants....Plus I added the remaining water into a spray bottle and misted the leaves. I even got the temps to a steady 89 degrees. The leaves now look a lot more healthy and have opened up. As for the humidity, it stays at a constant 50% which in my opinion is comfortable. My only problem is a slight droop in leaves due to the excess of water I fed to plants considering the soil was already damp about three inches deep. Gotta watch that overwater!!! But it was killing me to see the leaves curled up like they were.

    Just to let yall know this is my first grow and its with a Blueberry strain. They are on week two and one day old. I will post any other problems along with the remedies to help other noobz like myself out. I will make sure to include pics to help further explain any complications of the plant itself. As for a diary...that will come when all is said and done.

    "I Got that BlUeBeRrY YuM yUm, its that fire, its that fire"

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