Leaves curling, help a fellow blade out

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  1. Long time grower here, yet this is the first time I have had something like this happen and I am baffled.



    As you can see the tops of the plants are curling downward. They are not discolored or crispy to indicate nute burn or heat stress. Temps have been right around 78 degrees, 45 % humidity and a light breeze is blowing from a fan. The roots are white, although I did notice an ever so slightly clear slime in a couple of the buckets. I added some extra bennies to chew through that though. What could be causing this? I have never seen a plant curl like this before.
  2. I dontgrow much cannabis but took horticulture in school. If its hydroponic and the humidity and airtemp are in normal range then either there are missing nutrients, not enough nutrients,too much nutrients, or something is leftover in the bucket. You said there was slme in the buckets. Probably be good to get the buckets clean of whatever leftover substance it might be and maybe dip the roots in some clean water. That's just me though. Seems like something is shocking the plant. And its in the water. A quick rinse might give them a little shock but won't be as bad as keeping the plant in whatever is messing with it now
  3. Strange!!! Neva come across slim. Only slim i ever seen it root rot but you sed roots nice??? . How often do u water? Is drainage ok? Maybe do as finlee24 said above. Ill try and do some research for u but never seen slimy buckets. X
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  4. Hi just copied and pasted ya a click from a grower with same exact prob.
    quote . Then he says, "you're feeding them sugar, aren't you?" I admitted I was. He says, "next time, use distilled water or wait to mix until just before you feed - then make very sure that it is dissolved before you water. Wash out all your water bottles and don't worry about it - it won't hurt your plants." I just looked at him with a stupid look on my face. He grinned and said, "when harvest time comes, I'll trade you some of my tomatoes for some of your "tomatoes." I shit you not, his tone of voice included the quotes. upload_2016-4-1_11-21-14.gif

    Sure enough, I hadn't noticed it before, but the slimy stuff was in my water bottles feeding on sucanat - I premixed everything a couple days in advance so that the chlorine would flash off before I watered. After I watered, the slimy stuff was left lying on top of the soil.
  5. Not sure if text copied helps as he was feeding sugar as ya can see. Other than green algae on plants then i cant see any whitish clear slim issues that isnt to do wi sugar or high sugar feeds . Good luck xxx
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  7. Hhhmmm interesting. It definitely could be the slime, although it is very slight and the roots are still pearly white. I had then on 800 ppm before and I did a flush and have 400 PPM with some bennies to try and eat that slime up. I am wary of putting any sugar in system though.

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  8. Can anybody else weigh in here? I would imagine somebody has seen wilting like this before...

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  9. Hi. Yes i agree wi sugar in system. Its only text on other site that refered to a grower feedin some sugar that caused the slime. Brilliant if ya ant put sugar in lv as i wood not either and wood not advise it. I no some growers do but i think its an old wifes tale from years ago. We av good scientist thst produce feeds wi all energy in food. So no one really needs to use a sugar form.. i hope ya slime goes love. Its proberby one of them strange things no one will be able to explain. Good luck and just keep eye on ya roots and a look out for any fungus etc. Keep me posted as wood love to know wat slim is . Thanks love xxx

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