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    Sup GC had a couple concerns so I thought I'd hop on and see if I could get some answers. The first problem I'm having is that my fan leaves are curling downwards. I've had this problem before and just adjusted the ph of my water which is now between 6.4 and 6.5. The second problem is that my leaves look like they've be chewed on but its only about 4 of them. I check daily for any signs of bugs and there is none I even applied a lil neem oil just in case. I'm not sure what kind of def this is so any help is always appreciated. This is my first grow so I went the rubbermaid way, temps stay between 74 and 78 with the lights on usually 64 off. Container is a plastic foldgers container 3 gal in size but might be a lil less soil is mg organics which I've had no problems as well as the bloom booster used at half strength with about a tbspn of molasses mixed in given every 2 weeks. Tote is 30 gal lights are 2 42 watt cfls 2800k and 2 27 watt cfls one is a 2700k and the other is a daylight spectrum 5000k ( read on here that is was ok so thought I try it). Will include some pics shortly.

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  2. my plant almost looks the same.. doesnt look as droopy thow.
  3. Over watering and nute lock out do to salt build ups in soil. Make sure you have great drainage. Flush using clerex achieving onr hundred percent run of. Follow with 50 % nute mix at that time. Then DO NOT WATER UNTIL CONTAINER IS ALMOST WIEGHTLESS. learn to water by the wieght of the pot. Water way less more often and only when damn near bone dry..420.

  4. I know over watering is not an issue. I usually water every 4 to 5 days but my drainage was an issue so I made a couple larger holes on the bottom sides of the pot. I'm not sure about the clerex tho or did you mean clear water.

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