Leaves curling down like a claw?

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  1. I'm into the second week of veg and I have 5 super lemons 2 tangerine dreams and a big band growing from seed and everything looks great except two lemons have a few fingers on the leaves curling down similar to a claw. Was wondering if anyone knows what this is?

    Using ocean forest soil with 1/3 perilite added, fed with AN micro grow bloom with voodoo and b52. Went 2/3 nutes the first time then full the second time and most recently straight water to be safe. No nute burn or other deficiencies. Humidity is around 50 and temp is at 77 consistently. Any ideas?
  2. are the leaves slightly dark green in color? if so i would suggest a possible N overdose. which would cause the "cats claw" leaf curling.

    also FFOF soil is pretty rich even if lightened with perlite. i find with my clones and seedlings that no nutes added are necessary for the first 2 weeks or so to not persuade overdoses. FFOF soil is a little hot.

    i use only hygrozyme for the first 2 weeks always. even then the root inoculate enzyme easily makes N more available for the plant and can sometimes cause a slight overdose.

    try backing down N or nutes in general. i sometimes wait till i see a slight def goin on to start to up the nutes. listen to your plants.

    again FFOF contains most of what you need for a while after a fresh translpant. so no need to worry your plants are gettin enough. ofcourse this is all assuming your PH's are locked down and your not over-watering.

    over-watering can also lead to this claw formation. excess water releases N in soil in greater amounts. so you could be overdosing purely because of adding too much water. anyway hope this helps.

  3. Shodan -

    Thanks! That's exactly what I was looking for. All the others are looking good except this one (I know each plant can react differently) and I like FFOF but after the initial transplant from the cup it looked like a few were getting the slightest hint of nute burn and they were only getting straight water. I'll ease off the nutes for a week. The girls are going on their 4 and 5th leaf sets so I hope it starts to uptake the NPK in the soil with less effects.

    I was trying to find a medium that is low in NPK. Any ideas of what I could try? Coco choir with perilite maybe?
  4. Forgot to respond to a few points

    Dark green - yes definitely on the darker side

    Over water - probably not, the mix is extremely airy and I like the medium to get bone dry before I water. I've overwatered before and lost a plant that way.

    Thanks for the advice on the rooting enzyme, I wanted to give the girls something for the roots early on but was worried voodoo would burn them too soon.
  5. add sunshine mix #1 to dilute. coco would probably work. peat mosses and spagnum are good to add. anything that doesnt already contain many castings, meals, and composts. plain potting soil usually is about right. add similar amounts of "plain" potting soil similar to the perlite you added(maybe slightly less if the mix is fairly light).

  6. Thanks shodan, we are cloning in about 2 weeks so I'll try a few of those and see what I like

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