Leaves curling down/claw leaves...

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  1. Heat stress? I'm only watering like a quart every day or two so I'm pretty sure it's not overwatering. Other bigger plant is doing fine in exact same conditions.

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  2. This one is having a problem
    with Nitrogen overload, hence
    the clawing.

  3. well shit, i barely introduced ferts back in, and only the microbloom and tigerbloom, barely any nitrogen, but it is in hot soil i guess

    so best thing to do is let her dry out a bit and come back with just plain water (and molasses)?
  4. Flushed each with 3 gallons of plain water. Went ahead and did both since I thought I could see some milder symptoms on the big one

    Last 2 pics are tops from the healthy one, but in the last pic you can see how that top is kinda "burnt"

    Maybe this flush will sort it all out, first real flush really

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  5. hey so how do they look since the flush? everything ok now? what was the temp at the top of your plants. this problem has about 5 different causes hard to diagnose.
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    I'm about to check em, but I'm not expecting a lot of results for a day or two. Temps were good at tops, just room was a little warm this morning, but pretty much everything is pointing to N excess.
  7. Looking MUCH better 1 day after flush.

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  8. That burn on top looks a lot like light burn.
  9. yeah, i keep upping the light almost everyday, i'm watching them really close lol

    but already on the bigger plants, a lot of pistols are starting to go orange at the very tips, even on some of the lower ones...

    is this a sign she could flower very quickly?

    she's been nuts so far ha

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