Leaves curling and dying rapidly (pics included)

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  1. I recently started growing and have ace a few mistakes but so far I’m ok with them…that’s how we learn. My first plant was a success. Autoflower grown indoors. My second round I grew three…not so great results.

    second round details:
    Pot size: 3 gallons
    Soil: Promix HP
    Water: tap that i let sit open for at least 24 hours and adjust ph to 6.0-6.1
    Lights : LED HLG 600 RSpec 600w (24” above plants)
    Generic tent
    Vent filter running 24/7
    House is on central ac
    Fox farm liquid fertilizers (big bloom, grow big, and Tiger bloom)

    everything went well for the first 6 to 8 weeks. Then, the tips of the leave started to turn brown and curl. Started with tone plant, two weeks later the other two started. I got back on fertilizer (I was already feeding light) once it started. Switch to distilled water instead of tap water. Turned intensity of light from 70% to 40%.
    Plants have been harvested but the yield was obviously very light. I’m just seeing. If anyone has any ideas of what I may have done so that I can avoid it the next round. 225A27D4-5D6A-4B4E-8497-66D74EA8CDAB.jpeg 5309F681-222F-484B-A0DD-478B02E9913D.jpeg 7839C0D3-D668-498C-B8AC-BB0E23278F1A.jpeg F909C7C3-136C-4ACF-B8BA-BED2E519F127.jpeg

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  2. Ph fluctuations maybe...i was gonna say feeding to heavy but re-read and seen u feed lightly
  3. Standard nute burn check the link Nutrient Burn
    but miss a few feeds and a flush done at days end to recover over night is good too

    good luck
  4. I've had similar issues. Almost always it's nute burn. Even out-of-the-bag Fox Farms soil is pretty hot. A slurry test puts it at 800ppm - before I even add nutes!! I've taken healthy clippings that are solidly rooted and put them in some hot soil, and they curl up just like yours. I recently tested the plant soil of a harvested plant - 3000ppm!!! Stuff builds up, and over time it burns the roots.

    I'm trying a run now with JUST r/o water (PH = 6.5-6.8) and an organic seaweed "tea" every 2 weeks or so. So far, it's looking better.
  5. Going to stray from the pack on this one and say Potassium deficiency. When the leaf tissue is browning and dying, leaving behind that tissue paper thin necrotic leaf material, usually potassium deficient.
  6. Thank you for the replies.
    So with the nutrient burn I was only using half of what the recommended dose was. Also, I stopped adding nutrients for at least the last four weeks and only did water. Not sure if that helps at all.

    I did order a soil test kit for this next round.

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