Leaves curled up but not dry

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  1. 1st time forum post ever, as well as first grow in Portland. , OR. Outdoor. My plants are in their 3rd week off flower, possibly late 2nd week. They look great but the one plant that is furthest into bud and has more/bigger buds than the rest. And it's leaves are curling up on edges. I water them once a week in the morning. They each get a gallon of water with 2-2-2 nutes as well as a half gallon before feeding and a gallon 2 hours after. I know some may disagree with that due to possible over watering but that's not an issue here and that's how i do it. Anyways, everything is doing great and that's really the only potential problem i see right now at beginning of September. Any advice helps and I'm very open minded so if you really believe my watering techniques are wrong, feel free to let me know as i do good with criticism
  2. Need photos
  3. Accidentally forgot picture. Don't know how to edit post.
  4. Botton left of your post is an "Edit" button
  5. what's your temps?

    looks like heat stress, and seeing those pistils brown is a little weird for me
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  6. When the the serrated edges of marijuana leaves curls or tipped up like that, it's often a sign of temperature stress, overwatering/root problems or extreme humidity levels. The brown pistols are concerning. Have you been spaying anything on them?
  7. I sprayed them with NukeEm 2 times but the last time was a month ago. What could cause the brown pistols? And the picture they look brown but they are actually a purplish pink color
  8. I've never used that stuff, but it is a good possibility that a combination of things, root rot, over watering, and heat stress is what is causing your issue. Really need more details, more photos of the whole plant, your grow medium, watering schedule, nutrients etc
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  9. I water every Saturday. About 2 gallons of water
    Npk 2-2-2 30ml of each (which = 2-2-2) per gallon of water.each plant which is in the ground gets 1 gallon of water with nutes and 1 gallon of pure water

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  10. Both pics of same plant

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  11. Come on guys...... Stop messing with the man

    You have russet mites. A bad infestation. Grab a 100x scope and look for bugs.

    If you have microscopic bugs, the size of your pixel on your phone, then it's war. Cut out every nug and entire branch that has a brown tint. Spray more nukem, get Grandevo and Venerate. It's a loosing battle from here, the only question now is how much material will you salvage.

    Sorry, I don't enjoy telling people this, but this forum seems to not have a clue about Russets.
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  12. For the record guys....... That first picture is classic russet INFESTATION. If you guys can't spot russet on that branch, then you are missing the russet big picture. It's kind of like a nug that has full on spider mites with webs. I can spot it from a mile away, with a leaf that just has the slightest curl to it. Stops my heart when I see it. Learning experience for everybody I guess, thanks for sharing OP.

    BTW, another rule of thumb when it comes to Russets...... Once you see them, it's too late. Every plant in the garden is infected, start spraying accordingly.
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  13. I guess I will throw one more image at you...... Why does the leaf, hairs and bud appear brown?


    These things kill by numbers. That brown tint is bug on top of bug, on top of bug, on top of bug..............

    These look familiar?
  14. Damnit! What a horrible way to start the morning! Thanks for the info. I will do the research on every way to deal with it. What are your ideas?
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    You need a 100x scope to see russet mites.. Russet infestation can look like plenty of problems. I wouldn't start treatment until you're sure you have them. Nobody can spot them with the naked eye just by looking..Telling everyone they're "messing with him" by offering good advice is pretty low, as well as thinking nobody here knows about russet mites, seeing as their one of the big problems for growers over here this year.

    How to Get Rid of Broad Mites or Russet Mites on Cannabis Plants | Grow Weed Easy

    I think you have a bunch of problems, from watering, to nutrient problems, looks like you have PM on leaves as well, which could lead to bud rot, browning.
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  16. What is PM?
  17. Powdery mildew.
  18. Oh okay. Thats actually some leftover foliar calcium booster i sprayed on them. It leaves white spots but i try to get it all of after a couple days so i can determine if the my get pm
  19. I am charging up my digital scope that's meant for plants. What I've seen today with my naked eye is none of my other plants even at the bottom seem affected by russet mites. And the plant in question has brown hairs but the buds themselves are not Brown. It is just the hairs. The Strain is pink Kush and my buddy showed me pictures of the plant he took the Clones off of (this was a clone) and the hairs and Bud were actually pink in color rather than purple. So, is it possible this is why they are colored? Because it doesn't really look Brown at all to me. I will be taking my scope to them in about 10 minutes and will let you know what I find. Thank you for everyone's help
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