Leaves curl up after a super crop

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  1. Super cropped my plants and theyve been responding beautifully, however sometimes it will singe the edge of a leaf for some reason. I have no idea why, it seems to be directly corrolated to the super crop. Any ideas?
  2. Definitely not heat stress?
  3. It is out doors and quite hot here, i was thinking since the part that gets pinched hangs down and sometimes the bottom of the leaves are facing the sun for a brief period, do you think it could be that? thank you for reply
  4. excess nutes gotta go somewhere

    like in lemons and oranges plants can send the excess to an unwanted leaf = curling

    or be brave and try to digest them nutes, burnt leaf margins

    if the leaf margins curl, that be excessive heat = shade between the hot hours is good

    good luck
  5. Doubt the exess of nutes, im quite familar with the nutrients i use and they are quite light. and i feed em light on top of it.
  6. Sometimes if you bend it too sharp without softening the stem first, part of the vascular system gets broken and whatever leaf it was feeding will just wilt and die.

    Squeeze the stem first until it just squishes, then bend it. Even then it still just happens sometimes.
  7. That makes the most sense. Thanks friend, much appreciated.
  8. So basically they are going to die?
  9. brown spots and leaves. sativa photo. 2nd week flower. ideas?

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