leaves crisping/turning yellow!?

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  1. i came home from work to discover my leaves turning yellow on the edges.

    i havent givin them any dose of nutes yet, there about 2 and a half weeks in and only one of them is doing this.

    is it possible my lights were to close?? because i had them very very close.

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  2. my leaves curled when they were too close to the light but the yellow i think is another problem.
  3. Looks like it could be heat stress, yeah. There could be some deficiency going on, what soil are you using?

    No nutes yet.. good choice for sure though. 2.5 weeks means you can prolly fert some time soon. Your leaves have very pronounced ridges which can be indicative of heat stress - how are your temps looking? The yellowing seems to be in kind of odd spots for just light burn, but I could be wrong.

    Good luck.

  4. soil is sta-green moisture max potting soil with fert
  5. So if you've got pre-ferted soil, it's definately good that you have waited on the nutes. My opinion on the situation is as followed: Wait and see. Make sure you lights are far enough away and closely observe the plant for 3 or so days. Watch which direction the yellowing travels (up or down the plant). It looked like it was on upper leaves and not bugging the lower ones. This rules out N deficiency, which is good news for sure. Are you testing your pH at all? It could be that you are missing some other nutes.

    But like I sad, waiting and seeing before you do anything too drastic is your best best. I personally am leaning towards it being heat stress, perhaps brought on by the lights being too close, then coming real close to burn up a few leaves a little bit.

    Everything that is damaged is just yellow right, nothing that looks necrotic?

  6. also there is some light brown on the inner edges of the yellow idk if that helps. i need to get a ph kit thats a good thought.

    better pics here

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  7. First off... major props/rep to you my friend, what a good looking little lady.

    Such isolated yellowing, and as you called it, 'crisping' really makes me believe it's from heat/light stress. Make sure your lights are far enough away and just watch those spots to make sure they don't seriously worsen. You could consider cutting around it, but remember that the edges where you cut will suffer... so I wouldn't fuss too much about it. Like I said, watch a few days and see what happens.

    Happy growing :p

  8. will do, thanks man its my second attempt and i want it to be very prosperous :cool:.

    also one more question, why does my other girl droop so much more and have much larger bottom leaves? its the same strain and has been grown the same.

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  9. Sagginess like that is most often indicative of overwatering. Droopy leaves = too much agua. Here's the deal. Run to Home Depot and buy this little green thing that is a pH, light and moisture meter. It's like $7 and is pretty decent for basic testing. If you dont wanna do that, stick your finger two inches into the soil, is the tip drenched? If so, too much water. Try to water every 3 days or so (depending on the size of your container, the smaller the more often you must water). You want the soil to be humid, not wet.
  10. By the way, you asked about the big leaves. Think about this in terms of physics. Which fan leaf holds more water? Small or big? When they get bigger, they hold more water and are heavier. As a result, they droop easier.

  11. oh shit thanks man youve been a huge help :hello:.

  12. I have similar issues going on with my baby. Someone suggested that it was a nitrogen problem as in not enough. I went out and got some blood meal and put half a teaspoon on the top soil like the directions said and some of the yellowing went away with the first watering. I have to wait a week before I can water again, then I can see if the un-yellowing continues. Hope this helps.

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